G.I. Joe/Transformers joint exclusives and Wave Crusher w/ Sub Viper are in the Club store!

A pleasant Thursday afternoon surprise today as the G.I. Joe Collectors Club and Transformers Collector Club joint exclusives are now up and ready for purchase in the Club store!

This includes Marissa Fairborne w/ Afterbreaker and Old Snake w/ Stealth B.A.T.s!  The G.I. Joe community has been clamoring for a Transformers crossover for a long time, and now we’re starting to see something develop.  Pretty cool.

Also in the Club store today is the 2015 Vehicle exclusive Wave Crusher w/ Sub Viper.  Links to all three products can be found below.

Check out images for all three products below as well as a pretty cool looking banner to advertise this special event!


8 thoughts on “G.I. Joe/Transformers joint exclusives and Wave Crusher w/ Sub Viper are in the Club store!

  1. BWWWAAAHH NEED STEALTH B.A.T.S OH MAN! But whew…eighty bucks, man. Is this any cheaper with a club subscription? This is seriously the first thing I’ve REALLY wanted from the Club.

  2. Why make the figure EVERYONE wanted cost so much,come on!!!! Drop the price by $20 maybe more would buy it. I’m not going drop $80 a 1 figure. Think about 5oth Ann. figures are hitting the stores…Just saying

  3. And I thought losing customers’ credit card information and then turning around and blaming the customers was insulting but those prices…

    $110 at HTS gets you a large beautifully deco-ed jet, a tank with a new part, and four figures.

    $80 at GIJCC gets you one kit-bashed figure featuring a mold available for a long time at deep discount and two repainted Transformers that originally retailed for $12 a piece. And you have to have a club membership just to purchase.

  4. Between those prices and Hasbro’s really questionable quality control lately, I’m going to have to pass. I’d like to get them, but not at those prices, and not with the sub par quality that they’ve been churning out. It’s quite embarrassing.

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