GeneralsJoes Reviews the ComicCon Crimson Strike Boxed Set

Last week I posted a review for the ComicCon Kre-O Slaughter Marauders boxed set, and this week I’m following up an exciting SDCC with a review of the exclusive Crimson Strike boxed set with the Cobra Scythe w/ AVAC & Alley-Viper Officer vs. the G.I. Joe CHIMERA w/ Steeler & Grunt.  They’re two pretty fun pieces of a cool looking set that you’ll only find at San Diego ComicCon and HasbroToyShop.

Check out the 50th Anniversary Review Page, or the direct links below.


2 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews the ComicCon Crimson Strike Boxed Set

  1. I still love that the CHIMERA has Hines Wards’ number and Steeler’s helmet only has the logo on one side. Pittsburgh represent!

  2. I thought your reviews were a little harsh, but seeing how this set was priced at $119, I can see why you would have high standards for this. I don’t hate exclusives, I just hate limited availability and most of all high prices!

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