Ladies and gentlemen…we have a BILLY!

It’s been nearly 30 years since he first appeared in the Marvel Comics, a young member of the Cobra youth. He evolved quite a bit since his first appearance, attempting to assassinate his own father, Cobra Commander, losing limbs in a rocket attack from Scrap Iron, and eventually falling under the tutelage of Storm Shadow.

Throughout the years, Billy has become one of the most critical pieces of the G.I. Joe comic book mythology, yet he has never had his own action figure.

Until now.

The Collectors Club revealed their final FSS IV installment today, and it’s none other than Billy himself, for the first time ever. Representing his commando look from the Devils’ Due comics (YES) Billy looks pretty darn good. A very basic build with an exciting new head sculpt, but I think it works remarkably well. This will fill a big hole in comic fans’ collections.

Check out the mirrored image below, and don’t forget to hit up by midnight on July 15th to sign up for FSS IV!


Now that Billy has been revealed, check out the full line up below!

4 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen…we have a BILLY!

  1. More than thirty years, even. His first appearance was issue #10, in ’82 or ’83.

  2. Billy, the ONLY figure I want. Was looking forward to Outback, but man-breasts 25th torso killed him. Sadly, after two straight subs, I will be cherry picking.

  3. It’s exciting to see Billy! And a lot of the other Joes too. The FSS is cool but a little too expensive for me. Was there once a concept for Billy (in Storm Shadow’s classic uniform but with an eye patch)?

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