Marauder Task Force figures and accessories are in transit!

I know once I posted my review of the upcoming Marauder Task Force figures, the overwhelming question I received was “so when are they shipping?!”

The answer to that question is… NOW.

Marauder “Gun Runners” sent out an exciting Kickstarter update thanking everyone for their patience and reporting that shipments are being packed and shipped as I type, and the first shipments may even arrive next Monday!

Also included in the update is a word of thanks to the folks from Boss Fight Studio, who have apparently been instrumental in helping with production problems. I would guess that their vast amounts of industry experience in action figure design AND production was immeasurably helpful to the Marauder Task Force, and I’m thrilled to see the end results!

Check out the full text of the Kickstarter update below.


Marauder Task Force Figures & Accessories have started to ship!
Hey Marauder Task Force Team Members!

We have begun shipping the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter reward packages! THANK YOU for your patience through this entire process and really appreciate those that stuck it out with us!  It will take some time to pack & ship all the orders, but our goal is to have EVERYTHING shipped by the end of next week.  Several of you will start receiving packages on Monday 6/22, with receipts continuing to arrive there after. International orders ship first, but will still take longer than domestic orders to arrive.

ALL our resources are directed towards packing & shipping, so please be so kind as to hold off asking for tracking info or checking if your package has shipped.   We will be DELIGHTED to  deal with specific package shipping details on a case by case basis after shipping is complete.
Also, a BIG thank you to Boss Fight Studio.  We all know about their design work on the MTF project, but the delay with our MTF project resulted in a “ripple” effect delay with the release of their Vitruvian HACKS project.   BFS went above & beyond helping to correct the production issues.  Everything from working solutions with the engineers, reviewing materials, tooling adjustments…they even took time to check out the production during their recent Hong Kong trip. Thanks to the combined efforts of BFS & MGR, and our factory vendors, we have refined our production process, hopefully ensuring smoother rollout for all upcoming BFS & MGR projects.

Again, THANK YOU for your support and we really hope you like YOUR Marauder Task Force action figures & accessories!
MJ & the entire Marauder Team