The time has come… GeneralsJoes reviews the Marauder “Task Force”!

The thrilling Kickstarter campaign rocked the online collector community, and I was suitably rocked once I got the figures in hand.

Everything you’ve been dreaming about during figure production… all of the different accessory combinations…the different troopers and unique characters.

Get ready.  They’re coming.  Check out my review below!

GeneralsJoes Reviews the Marauder “Task Force”


GeneralsJoes Reviews the Marauder Task Force!

Ever since the Kickstarter launched I’ve been dreaming of getting my sweaty palms on these fun looking figures.  That day has come, and I hope you’re prepared for a mammoth review of the much anticipated Marauder “Task Force”!

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Gentle Giant, LTD announces two G.I. Joe themed SDCC Exclusives

Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Gentle Giant today announced a pair of new G.I. Joe themed ComicCon exclusives available for Premium Guild members to order.

First is an exclusive version of their Jumbo sized Grunt figure, packaged in a unique wooden footlocker.  Check out the Gentle Giant Pre-Order here, and also, be sure to take a look at the great photo shoot over at  Some images from the Gentle Giant site are below.

However, their second item…is a pair of MICRO figures.  Snake Eyes and Rock n Roll look to be the first two entries in this Micro Figure format, though I’m not sure if this is something that may be ongoing or isolated to just this limited release.

These micro figures are really blowing my mind.  There’s an image below of the two figures in someone’s open palm, and it’s just crazy sauce.  Pretty neat overall.

You can pre-order the micro figure at Gentle Giant’s website (as long as you’re a Premium Guild member).  Premium Guild memberships look to be $80 per year.  See images of the micro figures below.

These are both available for pre-order to Gentle Giant Premier Guild Members and will be at San Diego ComicCon.  Don’t forget, if you want an idea of how these Jumbo figures look and feel, check out the YouTube video embedded below, which comes courtesy of Joe fan Page Wagner.