GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3 Big Ben

It felt like 1991 was a big year for G.I. Joe…at least it jumps out at me, looking back, that it was almost a turning point of sorts from the straight-laced military aesthetic of 1990 to a more colorful and science fiction one.  I know, there were plenty of science fiction and fantasy elements in previous years, but with the advent of the Eco-Warriors, the revisiting of some classic past characters in somewhat more complicated looks.  I loved 1991 as a kid, and it still holds a place in my heart as an adult.

The funny thing is, Big Ben was kind of lost in the shuffle for me back then.  He didn’t stand out among the Low Lights, Mercers, Dusty’s, Snake Eyes, and other refreshing new designs of that year.  That year I was all about revisiting the classics.

So one of the things that the Club has excelled at over the years is taking some of those forgotten characters and injecting new life into them.  Big Ben achieves that in spades.

Check out my full review at the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page, or the direct link below.

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JoeCustoms Podcast 2015 Convention Recap!

The convention has passed us by, but the fine folks at the JoeCustoms podcast have posted a great recap of the show, featuring Morgan Lofting (the voice of the Baroness), Patrick Kelly from Diorama Dreams, Bill Merklein, Hasbro sculptor extraordinaire, Tim Finn, and the folks from DeClassified, Pat and Darren!

This is one mother of an episode, so check it out and go back in time to the 2015 JoeCon!

Check it out on Podbean, and via the embedded player below.