GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: ARAH #214

With the gut wrenching events of last month’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero issue, you know there has to be some kind of follow up.

And a follow up there is.  Check out the full review for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #214 below, and if you want to check out my review for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #213 to prepare yourself, click here.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #214

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: SL Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colors: J. Brown
Editor: Carlos Guzman

So they really did it. Last issue, Larry Hama did the impossible and killed the almighty Snake Eyes, chief bad ass of the G.I. Joe team. He bravely sacrificed himself to take out Serpentor and save the lives of his fellow G.I. Joe team.

After 30+ years when the flagship character of a beloved franchise dies, it seems appropriate to pay respect and homage to that character. In this issue we got that, in spades.

You can’t really talk about plot when it comes to issue #214, as there isn’t one. Like so many others before, this is a silent issue featuring various different G.I. Joe team members sharing their emotion at Snake Eyes’ untimely passing. From page to page you see G.I. Joe members standing at attention, saluting the flag, rolling by on tanks and jeeps, flying formation in aircraft above, and expressing their emotion at the passing of a generation’s hero.

Does it feel a little forced? I’ll admit, some parts do. I think we all know that Sean Collins is just waiting in the wings to be the “new” Snake Eyes, so ultimately, what kind of impact are we seeing here? From that perspective, it doesn’t seem like much.

However, I think Hama and Gallant did a fantastic job showing respect to the fallen character, and I think it was pretty daring for them to spend an entire issue doing that. Yes, this entire issue is spent with various scenes of saluting the fallen hero, and anyone who relishes G.I. Joe cameos in this comic will have an absolute field day. Characters, land vehicles, air vehicles, and sea vehicles all litter the pages, creating a fun game of “Where’s Waldo” (“Where’s Ambush?”) in each and every page. It’s solemn and somber, and ultimately I think it comes together quite nicely.

Gallant’s understated artwork suits the quiet vigil very well, and like always he manages to walk that line between vintage designs and a more relaxed feel. Each character may not look 100% like their vintage counterpart, but it’s close enough that each character and vehicle is quite easily identifiable.

I thought it was an appropriate tribute and managed to be a fun read even without any words, considering all of the characters and vehicles to drool over from page to page.

It managed to be a touching and honorable look at Snake Eyes’ fall, while still providing some captivating page-turning, just so you could see which character would show up next.

Definitely an issue you have to have.

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As the events of the last G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero issue resonate throughout the G.I. Joe universe, members of the team stop to pay their respects for their fallen brother. Dozens of characters come out on foot, in vehicles, and even flying in aircraft to salute Snake Eyes. It's a touching, silent tribute, and one that resonates.


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  1. Fitting Tribute…. Except Storm Shadow is still in Japan… He has gone home twice already recently to memorialize friends in the dojo shrine… now there is one more to add to the wall of pictures…

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