Bombstrike (Figure Subscription Service)

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Ah, yes, the Stall siblings. It takes you back to a time when Hasbro was trying to bring new story elements to G.I. Joe rather than just revisiting vintage looks. I, along with many others, was captivated by the Stall sibling story line, and now three renditions into the Figure Subscription Service we have all three siblings in modern format. Bombstrike is far and away the best of the three.

With a great new head sculpt by Boss Fight Studio, and a pretty spectacular modern build, Bombstrike is a heck of a great update to a fun part of recent G.I. Joe history. She has a great combination of modern female G.I. Joe parts that give us a nice update to the figure’s look, but adds some great different elements to her design. The G.I. Joe vest over the black shirt adds some nice color variation to the figure while maintaining a good
tie back to the 2005 original. Her articulation is really good (though the elbows could stand a little bit more movement) and the more modern sculpted parts give us a figure that really shines, even among newer product.

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One thing I really enjoy is the camouflage pants. A very tight, nicely applied paint scheme gives the camouflage pants a remarkably great and realistic look, far removed from the more typical blobs of camouflage paint we normally see. The combination of brown, black, and camouflage strongly resembles the older figure, but has enough new and interesting elements to make this a new looking figure.

And that head sculpt? Yeah, pretty terrific.

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From a character perspective, I’m glad they ommitted a reference to her being captured on the file card. That made for an interesting story dynamic back then, but obviously it doesn’t make sense to continue that story, plus I like to think that Bombstrike is bad ass enough to be the one doing the rescuing instead of being the proto typical “damsel in distress”.


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Bombstrike comes with a wealth of great gear as well, including a machine gun, the drone that came with Retaliation Duke, and the metallic case with enclosed submachine gun. As a Forward Air Controller, the computer in the case makes sense, not to mention the drone to be used for close range air support. Really great selection of weapons.

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Bombstrike is a terrific update. Enough homages to her previous version to make folks happy, but enough new elements to have a character that shines among current contemporaries. The new head sculpt is fantastic, the character selection is great, and the whole package excels. Awesome entry to the FSS!

  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


A great new sculpt era character updated with a fun assortment of modern parts, an updated paint scheme and a wealth of really terrific, functional accessories makes for one of the best entries into the Figure Subscription Service we've seen yet. More like this please!

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4 thoughts on “Bombstrike (Figure Subscription Service)

  1. Great review! I find a number of these FSS figures so tempting but I really have a touhg time justifying the price on them, particularly with how many MOTUC and DC Collectibles figures are being released these days.

  2. I managed to pre-order her from BBTS–the only subscription Joe I own AND the single most expensive Joe that I own–and she was totally worth it. Excellent head sculpt, brimming with personality. My favorite part of it was the initial reaction when the prototype was revealed:

    “What’s that weird look on her face? A grimace? Is that a scar?”

    It’s a SMIRK, you fools!

  3. “Ah, yes, the Stall siblings. It takes you back to a time when Hasbro was trying to bring new story elements to G.I. Joe rather than just revisiting vintage looks.”

    Woo boy, that sentence hits home. Right in the feels. While my main reviewing time started in 2009, the real meat of my interest started around Spytroops. I missed out on a few in Joe Vs Cobra, but Spytroops started the avalanche! There were some great freakin’ figures in there, and they continued as they went along to Valor vs Venom. Even now, when I think back to the proposed Robot Rebellion, I get a little twinge of regret that we never saw it (no matter how much I loved Sigma 6).

    But man, you hit the nail on the head. I really miss this line being more than a nostalgia filter. I mean, I’m certainly not complaining about particular favorite remakes (like Slice) but it doesn’t get the creative juices flowing like new material.

    Great figure, by the way! Another one I’ll have to try to track down.

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