Become a nefarious Rap-Viper with your own Wordburglar T-Shirt!

By now we’re all familiar with Wordburglar and his awesome G.I. Joe themed CD Welcome¬†to Cobra Island. Well, if you’re a Rap-Viper fan, show your support with this awesome Rap-Viper t-shirt!

It’s only available until May 25th, so don’t wait too long. It’s pretty awesome, and it’s always great to support someone putting out some great G.I. Joe themed content!

Don’t forget, you can find the Wordburglar CD right here!


The new Combiner Wars Protectobots are landing, and I hate them

The new Combiner Wars Protectobots are landing, and I hate them

Actually almost the entire opposite. I kind of love them, and because I love them, I hate them.

I had told myself when Combiner Wars was first revealed that I would just stick with the Stunticons and Aerialbots…well, and Devastator, of course. Those are the three combiners I had as a kid, and gosh dangit, those would be the three combiners I would have as an adult. I figured the Protectobots would be reshelled and minorly retooled versions of the others, and yes, they are that indeed (well, except Hot Spot), but in spite of this they look SO DANG GREAT.

I won’t buy them.

I won’t.

But you should. While they don’t appear to be in stock everywhere online, there are reports of pre-orders shipping and sightings at Target stores throughout the country. Check Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, and while I sit in my corner and pout.

As if that’s not bad enough, Brake-Neckand Quickslingerwere in stock at Amazon for like 14 seconds before selling out. Keep your eyes open!

01-Hot-Spot 02-ProtectoBots

DC Television continues to impress with Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl

One is slightly more impressive than the other.  The Television up fronts are happening this week, and as a result, news about upcoming TV shows has begun to emerge, including some pretty in depth First Looks at two new series from DC, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

Supergirl was picked up by CBS, while Legends of Tomorrow will be the next CW evolution from the world developed by Arrow and The Flash. Interestingly, Stephen Amell insinuated that those shows could cross over with Supergirl, but the aesthetic seems pretty wildly different.

You can really tell that it’s the flagship characters that draw that mainstream network attention, though. While many would argue that Arrow and The Flash are worlds above Gotham, it was the Batman prequel procedural that landed on Fox. Now, similarly, Supergirl finds a home at CBS, having that valuable, mass market Kryptonian history.

Regardless of that, on the surface, Legends of Tomorrow certainly seems to be the more captivating series. Featuring former Arrow and Flash characters Ray Palmer “The Atom” and Sarah Lance now the “White Canary”, along with Martin Steen, half of The Flash’s “Firestorm” we’re almost starting to see the evolution of the Justice League. The first look introduces us to the CW world of Vandal Savage as well, something sure to draw some interest from comic fans.

Check out that first look below.

Supergirl on the other hand seems geared far more towards a light-hearted “small town girl in a big city” theme, with clutzy, coffee-fetching Kara stumbling through life until she straps on a red cape and decides to save the world. The costume looks good and the adventure aspects of the series certainly seem entertaining, but I am a big hesitant on some of the cliches that are evident in the first look. We’ll see how it goes, I’m certainly willing to give it a shot. Check out that video below.

Regardless, one look at the upcoming fall season and its clear comic fans are ruling the roost these days. Agents of SHIELD Season 3, Agent Carter Season 2, Gotham Season 2, The Flash Season 2, Arrow Season 4, and now Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl? Not to mention Marvel’s current Netflix deal, which will be bringing AKA Jessica Jones to us later this year. Wow. Things are getting pretty crazy, but only in good ways. The best part is, even if one of these shows isn’t your thing, your certainly to find good stuff in the mix.