The silence is deafening…

What a difference a few weeks makes, huh?

It wasn’t that long ago I was determined to spread my wings a bit and start introducing new content to GeneralsJoes to keep the updates fast and furious.

Well, here we sit, with no updates in five days. What’s up with that?

In short – life has been real busy. My week break for JoeCon created a pretty massive build up of “real life” stuff and mixed with that, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone working on the review for the 2015 Convention Set. As most folks know, I think, I do a pretty thorough job on the convention items, and essentially work on 20 different reviews simultaneously. So, pretty much any second I’ve had not spent on important “real life” stuff has been spent on Con Set reviews.

I don’t have a specific ETA yet, as I have some QC issues that the Collectors Club is very kindly assisting with. But as soon as I can get them wrapped, I’ll get them posted, and hopefully start drifting into more regular updates.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and support. More content to come, I promise!

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