Legion XIV Kickstarter down to 11 days left – Go Get it!

I’ve been lax in my support of the new Legion XIV Kickstarter, but that ends here. It’s been posted for nearly three weeks and has garnered some good support, but not quite good enough.

There’s currently almost 100 supporters who have invested nearly $7,000 in getting this project off the ground, but more help is needed! With a goal of $21,000 and only eleven days left G.I. Joe fans need to come together to see if we can help get this project funded.

Focusing around a great looking 4″ female action soldier with impressive articulation, the Legion XIV project needs all of our support. Some great stretch goals are out there, too, so if you like what you see, and if you need more female soldiers in your display, hit it up!

Check out the Kickstarter right here and throw some support its way. We’re running out of time!


Marauder Task Force Sticker Contest Announced

With each passing week we get closer and closer to the wonder that is the Marauder “Task Force” release, and over on their Facebook Page, Marauder Gun Runners has announced an exciting sticker contest where enterprising designers can potentially design a sticker for the Marauder Task Force!

Check out the details below.

Hey Folks!

We are working on sticker designs for the upcoming Marauder Task Force figures…and would like YOUR input! We’re looking for cool logo designs you would like to use on the various squads/divisions of your MTF figures. The Marauder Map with Knife logo is fine and very dear to us for our site & company logo…but NOT quite right to use on the MTF figures!

Our OFFICIAL Marauder artist is working on a cool “skull & knife” design, but also want to know what you all would like. We will select the design(s) we like best. We might not be able to use any of the submitted designs…or we could end up selecting a couple dozen of the submitted designs…just comes down to what we receive.

It is NOT necessary to have the MTF initials or Marauder Task Force name in the design. Looking for cool logos to use on the figures that can represent different branches, squads, missions and/or units.

If we select your design, you will receive the Marauder Task Force figure of YOUR choice decorated with YOUR sticker design and announce you as the designer. Our friends at Cobrastickers.com will produce the stickers.

Submit your suggestions to us via email: info@marauderinc.com (first email received with the design is the official entrant of record). We will keep the submissions open for a couple weeks. Remember to keep in mind the final stickers will be very small. Please submit original designs and NOT copies of already available and/or owned designs. Understand, if we accept & use your original design idea it becomes our property to use as we wish.

Thanks for your support!


The silence is deafening…

What a difference a few weeks makes, huh?

It wasn’t that long ago I was determined to spread my wings a bit and start introducing new content to GeneralsJoes to keep the updates fast and furious.

Well, here we sit, with no updates in five days. What’s up with that?

In short – life has been real busy. My week break for JoeCon created a pretty massive build up of “real life” stuff and mixed with that, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone working on the review for the 2015 Convention Set. As most folks know, I think, I do a pretty thorough job on the convention items, and essentially work on 20 different reviews simultaneously. So, pretty much any second I’ve had not spent on important “real life” stuff has been spent on Con Set reviews.

I don’t have a specific ETA yet, as I have some QC issues that the Collectors Club is very kindly assisting with. But as soon as I can get them wrapped, I’ll get them posted, and hopefully start drifting into more regular updates.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and support. More content to come, I promise!