Masters of the Universe Mini Comic Collection Pre-Order on Amazon

If you’re like me, it was the mini comics, not the Filmation cartoon that initially addicted you to Masters of the Universe at a young age. I have fond memories of eagerly peeling into those packages and cracking open that mini comic, digesting everything I could within that handful of pages.

Well, you can now revisit that feeling without combing eBay’s pesky auctions…and not just for 80s MOTU, but She-Ra and New Adventures of He-Man as well! ┬áHeck, they even introduce the MOTU Classics Mini Comics as well.

Dark Horse Comics is publishing the Mini Comic Collection, gathering all those awesome mini comics of the old days into one fantastic looking hard cover collection, and the pre-order is on Amazon right now.

Set for a mid-November release, this book belongs in every MOTU fans’ hands. Check out the pre-order link below.

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