Exclusive First Look – Gentle Giants 12″ Jumbo G.I. Joe

EDITNow with higher resolution video!

I’ve seen a lot of questions out there surrounding the upcoming 12″ Jumbo releases of G.I. Joe figures from Gentle Giant. This video may help answer some of those questions.

Star Wars Celebration occurred last week, and dedicated G.I. Joe fan Page Wagner was in attendance, but while so many folks were focused on Star Wars, he spotted the Gentle Giant Joes and went straight for the good stuff.

He spent a few minutes talking to Gentle Giant about their upcoming G.I. Joe releases, and even got a chance to get a hands-on look at Grunt. He took video of this short Q & A session, and has made it available to GeneralsJoes exclusively.

Check out the embedded video below and big thanks to Page for thinking of me!


One thought on “Exclusive First Look – Gentle Giants 12″ Jumbo G.I. Joe

  1. It really does look pretty cool. I’m tempted by the Snake Eyes. But the price just seems too much… struggling with this one. I’d like to get one. I suppose if you look at JoeCon exclusives pricing it’s not bad.

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