Transformers: Combiner Wars Menasor

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The five Stunticon brothers, Motormaster, Dead End, Off Road, Breakdown, and Drag Strip combine to form one of the most menacing gestalts in the galaxy - Mensasor! With "Scramble City" style arms and legs the smaller Stunticons are fun and flexible, but does that translate to their larger form?

The answer might surprise you.


Combiner Wars is in full gear, with two waves of product at retail, and considering the main goal of this line was to provide toys that combine and interact with each other, the question must be raised…are the Combiner Wars gestalts as good as their individual pieces? Could the total be greater than the sum of its individual parts?

Unfortunately, in Menasor’s case, the answer is no.


As I went through reviews for each individual Stunticon, I raved over and over again about how much fun each figure was individually. From sculpt to transformation, to articulation, I had a lot of good words for all of the Stunticons, and my hopes were raised that Menasor would continue the good vibes. ┬áThat doesn’t appear to be the case.

Combining the Stunticons into Menasor is relatively easy, with those familiar joints clipping in at the shoulders and hips, enabling all individual Stunticons to work as arms or legs on top of the Motormaster body. I like the Motormaster/Menasor conversion, which reveals the alternate head without needing a cumbersome helmet. I’m not wild about the large blank cavity in the torso, which requires a purchase of Blackjack to fill (yet still doesn’t work perfectly). Each individual limb works well, with joints remaining stiff and mobile, just like the Aerialbot counterparts. Where Menasor suffers, though, is in the leg joints.


Menasor’s hips are pretty weird, resting at an odd, non-ratcheting angle, which results in some serious flop and movement. In fact, the hips are so barely functional (at least on mine) that Menasor only works standing straight up and down, and if you try to put him in any kind of dramatic pose, the legs spread apart, and he threatens to fall over. Then, typically, while scrambling to prevent him from falling over, I then knock off Blackjack, and the whole thing feels far more like a cobbled together 3 dimensional puzzle rather than an effective Combined gestalt. He’s lmost the polar opposite of Superion, who actually stays together exceptionally well and succeeds on multiple levels as a combined figure as well as with its individual components.

Perhaps the difficiencies in Menasor wouldn’t be so glaring if the individual Stunticons weren’t so fantastic, but the truth remains that as much as I absolutely love each character within the Stunticon family, I find the combined mode to be clunky and frustrating. If you do end up with all of the Wave 2 Deluxe figures (which you should), I’d recommend just doing what I do, and keep ’em separate. I think you may be happier that way.


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