Transformers: Combiner Wars Breakdown

Transformers: Combiner Wars Breakdown
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Breakdown would be less paranoid if everyone wasn't out to get him. His function as a Decepticon scout suits him perfectly -- allowing him to distance himself from the crowd and spend long hours keeping an eye on other Cybertronians. Unfortunately for Breakdown he's also a key part of the Stunticon team. This means he's counted on to stay near to his teammates as often as possible, keeping their combined power available when called on by Megatron. His engine and concussion rifle both deliver sonic vibrations that cause mechanical failures in other vehicles -- a real threat if you happen to be a Cybertronian.

Breakdown happens to be a childhood favorite member of a childhood favorite Decepticon team that retains all of those great vintage elements, but in a completely updated and modern style. He hits all the right buttons with me, from his compact and solid vehicle mode, to an extremely well articulated, nicely designed, and fun robot mode. It helps that the transformation between both modes is seamless and quick. My favorite Stunticon character from the 80s becomes my favorite Stunticon update today.


Seriously, what kid in the 80s didn’t love the Lamborghini?

Lamborghini’s were prevelant in the Transformers line in those first few years, with both Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, and Breakdown all bearing the proud shield of the famous car maker. Even back then, Breakdown was my favorite of the three. My memory is hazy after all these years, and maybe it was just because of the size and feel of Breakdown, but he just felt like a more solid, better car than the two twin brothers. I recall Sunstreaker being obnoxious to transform, and Breakdown was right for my smaller hands.

This new version of the white Lamborghini just takes what was already a great thing in my head and makes it all that much better. Like its predecessor, the vehicle is very well built and is just a plain fun car to roll around going “vroom vroooom” with. I’m not sure why, but I totally love the white and purple paint scheme, it seems so unusual but is really appealing at the same time, and a great match for the vintage along the way.

transformers-combiner-wars-breakdown (6)

The robot is extremely well articulated, as the other deluxes are, following the same points of articulation formula to a great degree. I’ve mentioned it before, but I like that Hasbro developed this quality “buck” and managed to build out the Stunticons all around it, still making each one really unique. I will say Breakdown’s head is a little less fun and interesting than some of the others in this assortment, looking more blocky and featureless than characters like Drag Strip and Off Road.  His thick, powerful legs and articulated ankles add some great balance to the figure, and in robot mode the white colors are much more nicely offset by silvers and purples.

I can’t quite explain why, but more than any other Stunticons, Breakdown gives me an insane shot of nostalgia, really taking me back to some of those bedroom battles I had back in the day.  He is a nearly perfect update to the vintage version, retaining all of the right stylistic elements, but using modern engineering to make a fantastic toy in both car and robot mode, a true design marvel considering how simplified the transformation remains.

transformers-combiner-wars-breakdown (16)

I really enjoyed the Stunticons back in the day, and loved the fact that they broke the Decepticon mold, taking car forms to take the battle to the Autobots. While that concept has long since faded away, the draw and appeal of the Stunticons still exists, and I really enjoy this latest iteration of the Decepticon car team. Breakdown is probably my favorite of the bunch.

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  1. Rumor is, Breakdown will be getting a new head and repainted as Sunstreaker somewhere down the line to be part Optimus Prime’s combiner team.

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