Review of upcoming Combiner Wars Series 3 “Viper”

In a Toy Fair that was generally starved of G.I. Joe news, many of us latched onto the reveal of the upcoming “Viper” Combiner Wars figure, a repaint of a Legends scale Powerglide.  A very familiar repaint.

Yes, for the first time ever, Hasbro is making a direct G.I. Joe link to their Transformers toy line, repainting the popular A-10 character blue and actually placing Cobra symbols on it to represent the Cobra Rattler!  It’s a pretty neat touch, even if it’s just an homage, and not part of some larger scale over-arcing story.

Fellow What’s on Joe Mind host Chuck has actually received his Viper figure already, and put up a video review yesterday.  I believe this is our first real look at the figure in hand, and should provide some entertainment for both G.I. Joe and Transformers fans out there.  Check out the video review below.


3 thoughts on “Review of upcoming Combiner Wars Series 3 “Viper”

  1. not “first time ever”, they produced a character named Snow Cat for the Energon line that was a transformable gi joe snowcat vehicle.

  2. I think I mentioned this to you on You Tube that while you’re correct that was really only a slight homage as Snow Cat didn’t have any Joe or Cobra markings on the vehicle and they weren’t mentioned on the bio. Cool toy though.

  3. Right, what Chuck said below. I’m well aware of the Snow Cat homage, but that was merely an homage, no direct link or reference was made to G.I. Joe or Cobra, unlike this vehicle which clearly has Cobra markings.

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