Transformers: Combiner Wars Wave 3 hits the Philippines

I told myself that all I needed was Superion and Menasor (and maybe the super Devastator coming out later this year) and I’d be okay for Combiner Wars gestalts.

Yeah, I’d seen the Protectobots at Toy Fair, and they looked neat, but I figured they were essentially repaints of most of the first two waves and were, by and large, unnecessary.

Then came reports from the Philippines that Combiner Wars Wave 3 had hit that area, and everything is out the window.  For whatever reason I didn’t realize how heavily retooled (or even how new) most of Defensor was, so I’d more or less discarded it from my mind.  But as the report from Seibertron indicates, there is a significant amount of retooling here, including the main torso itself, Hot Spot.  Heck, Hot Spot is a brand new mold.

Sure, Blades is essentially an Alpha Bravo repaint, but both First Aid and Streetwise are heavily reshelled/retooled (from Off Road and Dead End respectively), and Rook is brand-spanking new.  So out of the five Protectobots, two are brand new, two are heavily modified, and only one is essentially a repaint (with a new head).  Grrr…

And hey, for the G.I. Joe fans among us, this wave also includes the Legends scale Viper, which bears a striking resemblance to our favorite Cobra A-10.

Time will tell if I actually pull the trigger on these or not, but they have hit Asian retail, which means they should be making their way stateside soon.  Thanks to for the info.

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Geek trailer bonanza… Star Wars “The Force Awakens” and “Batman vs. Superman” light up the Internet

Star Wars Celebration is going on in Anaheim, California, and while I won’t even try to keep everyone up to date on all those happenings, the biggest news out of the event was the second mammoth “Force Awakens” trailer which completely lit up the Internet yesterday.

The first trailer was designed to whet appetites and set the stage for what to expect from this next foray into the Star Wars universe. Well, the second trailer was obviously meant to be a big, meaty bite of steak dinner.

From the opening scene of a small hover vehicle cruising past the crashed corpse of a Super Star Destroyer, to the smashed remains of Darth Vader’s helmet, all the way to a gray haired Han Solo at the end, this second trailer hits all the nostalgic sweet spots. I’m not nearly as fully invested in Star Wars as a property now as I was even twenty years ago, but they certainly seem to be working hard to bring in the old crowd and the new. Check out that trailer below.

Meanwhile, a theatrical event designed to reveal the Batman vs. Superman “Dawn of Justice” trailer has already resulted in leaked video hitting the web, giving us our first real look at this new Zack Snyder film featuring DC’s two biggest heavyweights.

Color me underwhelmed. I know it’s just a first trailer, again, just designed to introduce folks to this new universe, but besides the typical gray Zack Snyder overlays and over-dramatic voiceover, it didn’t do anything to wow me. Maybe I’ll feel different when it’s not a subpar video-camera capture.

I’m one of those folks who actually thoroughly enjoyed Man of Steel, too, so I’m already half on board this new Zack Snyder DC train, but this first glimpse at Batman vs. Superman did nothing to keep me committed.