G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook is looking for your input

One of the best things about going to JoeCon is the chance to walk among and interact with some of the folks who make decisions about the direction of the brand.

Throughout last weekend, many fans had a chance to speak with Mark Weber and Derryl DePriest, two of the myriad of Hasbro employees who dictate the future of G.I. Joe. After speaking with Mark Weber at JoeCon, Loc, one of the admins of the G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook decided to start compiling some data to try and get Hasbro some information they may be looking for in regards to characters that are still needed within the G.I. Joe line.

So if you’re on Facebook, hit up the G.I. Joe Discussion Facebook Group and let your voice be heard! They will be compiling all information into a cohesive list and seeing what they can do to share the opinion of the community at large.

Check out G.I. Joe Discussion on Facebook and put some votes in for your own favorite.