Video from the G.I. JoeCon 2015 Action Force vs. the Red Shadows Panel

Dave and Devall over on Toy World Order were all over the place at JoeCon 2015, and they brought their video camera!

Every year, the Palitoy Action Force/Red Shadows panel from Dave Tree is one of my favorite panels of the entire weekend.  This past weekend was no different.  Toy World Order was in the house and captured the whole thing on video!

Any fan of foreign G.I. Joe action figures needs to watch this.  Truly great stuff and very educational, even for long time collectors.  Dave and Chris have a passion for that area of G.I. Joe collecting and it truly shows.  Check out the video below and keep watching Toy World Order for more videos from JoeCon 2015.

  • kdu2814

    Thanks for posting this. I got home from work late last night to find my Panther Jeep with the SAS’s Stalker had arrived (so had the Undertow Officer and the Decepticon Exhaust).

    I enjoyed the videoed presentation. Hopefully there will be a similar presentation the next JoeCon I attend.

    Again thanks to everyone involved.