JoeCon Recap – Eagle Force Reveals

Sort of lost in the shuffle of the whirlwind of G.I. Joe news over JoeCon weekend was that Fresh Monkey Fiction featured some incredible looking Eagle Force reveals in the form of turn around artwork!

Displayed at the Boss Fight Studio booth, we got our first look at Fireball AND Stryker, Jr, the new Eagle Force sniper.

As expected both new entries look pretty fantastic and right in line with the style of the rest of the Eagle Force offerings.

Check out the image gallery below featuring the artwork for all Eagle Force figures (as well as Captain Action) revealed so far.  The more I see of these the more excited I become!  Some of these designs are fantastic.

Along with the JoeCon reveals, the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page also posted the color turn arounds for Stryker, Jr. and Fireball:

And lastly, they posted a neat little sneak preview for their NEXT reveal:


Hmmm…  a pretty unique looking crossbow.  If only we knew of a character who came with one of those…



I am excite.

As always keep watching Eagle Force Returns on Facebook as well as for the latest updates.

3 thoughts on “JoeCon Recap – Eagle Force Reveals

  1. Something I have been wondering, are the new figures going to be die-cast metal? Since that was a big selling point of the originals?

  2. Please stop saying “pretty unique.” Dude, that’s just sloppy writing. There is no such thing as “pretty” unique.
    There are no degrees of uniqueness. One thing cannot be more or less unique than another. One thing cannot be pretty unique, or really unique. Something is unique, or it is not. Period.

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