Rest in Peace, Herb Trimpe

I’m very sad to report that according to multiple sources, former G.I. Joe comic artist and writer Herb Trimpe has passed away.

Any fan of G.I. Joe has an intimate and immediate connection with Mr. Trimpe, serving as the artist for the beginning of the world-changing G.I. Joe comic series, and playing a role throughout that same series for much of its run.

Even above and beyond that, Mr. Trimpe was the artist that originally brought Wolverine to life and had a long and established comic career.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Trimpe’s family and friends.

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Herb Trimpe

  1. Wow this is super sad. Mr Trimpe and his wife were such nice people! I had a chance to meet them again about a year ago when they did a small show locally. Mrs Trimpe thought my son was so adorable she wanted his picture! We chatted about his work and it was interesting learning how the comics industry had changed over the years. Genuinely nice folks. Aloha Oe Mr Trimpe, you will be missed.

  2. Man. A couple years ago, I met him at SDCC. That year, I had printed out the first pages of my (now neglected) GI Joe dio story, Invictus. While chatting with him about what a fan of his work I was, and how it had inspired me through the years (Gi Joe! Wolverine! SHOGUN WARRIORS!) I kind of tentatively gave him a copy of my “comic”. His eyes lit up, and he said “Look at this!” He pulled out his iPhone, and showed me pictures he’d taken of his toys – Some WW2 era flyboys and their planes, from a flight simulator game he played pretty regularly. Afterwards, he insisted that I sign my little booklet to him, and he gave me a poster he’d brought to sell, a collage of all his work mentioned above. He signed it “To Nas – You are right! – Herb Trimpe”. We parted with a handshake and smiles, and I hoped I’d get the opportunity to chat with him again. I never did, even when looking for him at SDCC the next couple years.

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Trimpe. You will be missed, and by me, for more than just your art: For your encouragement and character.

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