Pictures from the Hasbro display cases – G.I. Joe Convention 2015

I know most of this has been explored in depth, but I wanted to be sure to get my own images taken and uploaded just to complement what’s already there and to potentially reveal any little details that may have been otherwise overlooked.

I’m just doing an image dump today, but as always I’ll go back and prepare a “SuperPage” outlining what to expect in full detail.

Check out the image dump below.

17 thoughts on “Pictures from the Hasbro display cases – G.I. Joe Convention 2015

  1. Thanks Justin! Do you have a picture with Ace’s new helmet shown clearly? I cannot find a pic of it anywhere.

  2. Dear Hasbro, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! This stuff looks fantastic and I for one can’t wait for August (or October.)

  3. I am bummed – The best of the lot is the Comic Con exclusive Sky-Striker and Joe-Hiss set. The first time in almost 20 years that I don’t get a 4-day pass, and they bring this to the table?! The rest looks awesome as well, though to be telling the truth, I wish the Cobra HISS wasn’t orange. Not sure where they pulled that color. But those new guns – man, just a simple new mold makes a world of difference.

    As for the Shadow-Guard coming with Gung-Ho….looks like there’s gonna be a lot of gung-ho’s in the parts pile for the army builders. Which I just don’t get. They talk army builders, and then give us two figures there were already a release of together. OK, fine. But then the Shadow Guard, which is a perfect builder fig, and he comes with Gung-Ho? Seems ill-conceived. If Gung-Ho had to come with an army builder, put him together with the Iron Grenadier. Oh Hasbro. So much right, but so much still wrong.

    BTW – Did anyone ask about the plastic and paint-apps on the new figures? Are we gonna see more gummy google-eyes, or a return to PoC greatness?

    So as not to be only nay-saying – I’m all in for these, and I’m glad we’re getting some new concepts and some cool revisions. Props to Sightline!!!! And that new build for the AWE – Looks great! Plus a proper Chuckles rebuild – Man alive, do I want that figure. Less than enthused by the repainted Snow-Cat/HAVOC (Har). But at least it comes with that great horseman figure. It’ll be a fun August, if we can all get our hands on these.

  4. I’m really psyched to see that Gung Ho finally is coming to retail, though I could do without another minigun. Minor quibble, though. There isn’t a pack in this assortment that I would turn my nose up at. Even Blowtorch brings something new.

  5. I’m greatly looking forward to many of the figure packs, but the vehicles just aren’t doing it for me so I guess I’m saving money this year.

    I’m so happy to see a V2 Storm Shadow…but the stomach pouches from the Concept Case are missing. It’s a small thing to be disappointed in, but it helped distinguish SS v1 from SS v2, and they took everything else from the Concept so why miss that? It was a subtle detail that really helped separate the mold from the countless other ninja figures released since 2011. Guess that’ll require custom work.

  6. It’s definitely not from the 30th, it’s missing the protruding bits on the front visor and the dangling oxygen hose. It would be a shame not to reuse that one, but being a display proto I guess it’s a mystery which will be the final, until retail.

  7. Gung Ho looks great. I just wish that his uniform was olive drab instead of light blue. Guess I’ll be painting it myself.

  8. Unfortunately, yes. He looks to sporting a repainted Skydive helmet. This is the only pic at this angle I’ve seen. Thanks, buddy!

  9. every bit of this is great. the shadow guard is the only snag, however i think th gung ho buils can be used for several custom figures, such as a big dreadnok or a gi joe extreme metal head or an arnold body from comando or predator. the vehicles are even a nice bit of parts to work with. those orange HISS tanks will look great with my custom hazard HISS . plus we are getting gi joes at retail this year so everything is right with the world.

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