Witness the glory of casting on HypnoShield.com

JoeCon is upon us, and one vendor you may want to check out is Brian “Nova” Kauffman who is the man behind Hypnoshield.com.  Nova specializes in awesome and unique custom casts to work with all of your favorite 1:18 scale figures.  His work with different colors and types of material is truly phenomenal.

Check out HypnoShield.com for some really cool offerings, and look for him at JoeCon as well!  Keep in mind, he’s got a ton of stuff that’s not on the actual site, so definitely hit him up at JoeCon and see what he’s got.

G.I. Joe Convention 2015 Week is here…are you ready?

We are!

Starting tomorrow I’ll be hitting the road, spending the day tomorrow with some good friends, and then joining a cross-country caravan from Massachusetts to Springfield, IL for the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention!

Join me along the way on Facebook and Twitter as I’ll be posting throughout the trip.  The folks from Boss Fight Studio will be rolling alongside me, so be prepared for a #BossFightRoadTrip!

Be sure you following along here at GeneralsJoes as well as YoJoe, and especially the YoJoe Events Page which will get all the latest images.  I’ll be live-Tweeting panels as much as humanly possible, and collecting information afterwards for posting, so if you want the full Convention experience follow GeneralsJoes on Twitter.

It’s going to be an exciting week.  Hope you’ll be joining me!


Announcement for Rank & File Book at JoeCon – Exclusive Images!

Yesterday I posted about James Kavanaugh’s  upcoming G.I. Joe reference guide, covering the beginning of the modern era. James has kindly provided GeneralsJoes with some exclusive images from that book as well as some clarification about how the release volumes will be scheduled.

Check out the images below, and the press release is included as well.

The adventure has evolved in Rank & File — A Guide to Third-Generation 4” G.I. Joe Action Figures!

After a brief hiatus in 2006 that allowed G.I. Joe to flourish in other areas, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero went in a new stylistic direction that is still predominately used today!  Not only did fans get to revisit some of their most cherished icons within the G.I. Joe mythos, they were also introduced to new characters that are now known and loved.

The Rank & File Guide v1 is the introductory volume in a series guides that fully display every G.I. Joe action figure produced between the 25th Anniversary and today, complete with every accessory and variation produced.   Volume 1 begins with an introduction to G.I. Joe, discussing its 1964 origins all the way up to the Real American Hero line in its first two generations.  Then the guide fully explores the 25th Anniversary and Resolute series of 4″ action figures. Not only are the accessories shown, they were carefully cataloged in an upcoming section to guarantee the proper shade of accessory goes to the appropriate action figure. To top it off, every vehicle and play set released in the 4″ era was documented and every easily removable piece was individually photographed, ensuring collector completion.

This full color, 52-page resource manual beautifully illustrates the two series’ 275 action figures, 29 vehicles and every accessory, including all known variations. Not only is every accessory present and accounted for, they have each been assigned a unique number and identified throughout the resource guide.  Each action figure was carefully examined between its initial run and any further re-releases to ensure that an accurate sample is clearly and concisely presented, perfect for the collector who is identifying individual action figures or sorting through unorganized lots.

Whether you are a seasoned or rejuvenated collector, enthusiast, or toy vendor, the Rank & File Guide is the decisive compilation for G.I. Joe action figures, vehicles and play sets produced between 2007 to today.    Let the Rank & File Guide serve as a reference for completion or a scrapbook to the next big turning point of G.I. Joe:  A Real American Hero.

Basic Information

The MSRP for The Rank & File Guide Volume 1 is $20.  Volume 1 will be first available at Joe Con in Springfield, IL and available to purchase online after the show at www.rahcguide.com.  Buyer will pay all additional shipping and handling costs.  If you have purchased the R.A.H.C. Guide, the process will be very similar.   This guide was self published and produced in quantities reflecting the R.A.H.C. Guide’s sales so do not hesitate in ordering if owning a guide is a priority. You can join the mailing list at: rahc.guide@gmail.com and like on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/RAHCGuide to get the latest updates between press releases.

In order to get content to the fans as quickly as possible, the decision was made to divide the series up into, as of this announcement, up to six volumes.  They working divisions are as follows:

  • Volume 1:  Introduction, 25th Anniversary, Resolute
  • Volume 2:  The Rise of Cobra, Pursuit of Cobra
  • Volume 3: Celebrating 30 Years of A Real American Hero / Renegades, Retaliation, Basic G.I. Joe Asst., 50 (should include 2015 figures and possibly beyond).
  • Volume 4:  Convention Exclusives, G.I. Joe Collector’s Club (up to at least 2015)
  • Volume 5:  Complete and organized Accessories section comprised of Volumes 1 through 4
  •  Volume 6:  Complete Sealed Packages comprised of Volumes 1 through 4. *** Depending on sales and other factors***

James M. Kavanaugh Jr. “KuuKuuSon,” “Noted Author,” “Oh, that guy… great…”


SmallJoes News – New Marvel Legends, 1:6 scale military, and more!


Hi folks! We have some new product arrives to tell you about in the 6″ Marvel Legends and 1:6 scale (12″) military action figure category. Take a look and thank you for your interest.

Wave 2 (2015) Marvel Legends 6″ figures have arrived. This set of 6 figures is available for $134.99 and includes Batroc, Hellcat, Captain America, Spider-Woman, Iron Man Mark 43, and Hulk. This assortment features Build-A-Figure Thanos.

Two new modern special forces military figures from DAM Toy! U.S. DEVGRU Operation Neptune Spear and Russian Spetsnaz FSB, Vympel Group. Each figure includes authentic real cloth uniform and loads of individualized weapons and accessories

Lke your GI JOE… and candy? We have three styles of collectible GI JOE tins available. These are new product, factory sealed and contain a bag of jelly beans. Great for storing weapons, accessories, or your figure repair parts!

We have in the clearance aisle a lot of cool stuff at low prices. GI JOE Retaliation, Indiana Jones, Marvel 4″ figures, GI JOE t-shirts, Gears of War 3 4″ figures, 1:6 scale figures, and much much more!

Masters of the Universe Classics Oo-lar the “Jungle He-Man”

In 1982, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe took over the lives of American children, mostly due to the Filmation cartoon, which introduced the world of Eternia to kids everywhere.  I had become interested in He-Man before I saw the series, largely due to the amazing mini comics that appeared in each action figure package.  Within the pages of those first few mini comics, there was no Prince Adam, there was just He-Man, a savage member of a barbarian tribe hand-chosen to wear the mantle of the most powerful man in the universe.

Click below to read the entire review…

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Five Ways JoeDeClassified has changed the landscape of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Over the past handful of years, quietly, but effectively, a small
group of devoted collectors have changed the very structure and
history of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Some of the shifts have
been small, and you don’t really notice them until you take a closer

However, some of those shifts have been dramatic and seismic, taking
what had been established history over the past 30 years and turning
it completely sideways.

I wanted to take some time to make folks aware of JoeDeClassified,
encourage people to support them, and certainly to make them a
destination during your trip to JoeCon.  Click the continue reading link below for the full write up.

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