Confirmation of the red suit’s appearance in Netflix’s Daredevil

I think most of us felt pretty good about the fact that the red suit would make an appearance in the 10 episode stint of Netflix’s new Daredevil series, and in fact an Entertainment Weekly article more or less stated that fact.

However, until now there has really never been a direct confirmation by one of the folks involved with the show itself.

Today, both Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock, Daredevil) and Vincent D’onofrino did a Reddit AMA and Cox himself answered a question with the following statement:

I love both of the suits. Obviously it was great to involve the John Romita Jr. black ninja costume but the day I first put on the iconic costume is a day I will never forget.

I’d say that settles that.

Daredevil hits Netflix on April 10th.  I’ll be at JoeCon, so the first person to blow spoilers at me gets a gut punch.


Two new trailers for Netflix’s Daredevil

Praise continues to fly in unabated for the upcoming Netflix Daredevil series, like a dream come true for Daredevil fans everywhere.

Now, two additional trailers have been released, and on Youtube, Comic Book Resources has combined them both into a single four-minute adrenaline pumping supercut.

Check them out embedded below.  Is it April 10th yet?