G.I. Joe Collectors Club hints at Tiger Force Eaglehawk

Surprising many of us this evening, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club tossed out a clue as to one of the potential exclusives for JoeCon next week, and it looks like we’re getting a Tiger Force Eaglehawk!

The Club has mentioned that one of the exclusives was a “large vehicle” and then they said that we should “keep an eye out for them in Springfield“…


Well, it didn’t take long for G.I. Joe fans to dip into their collections and uncover this little mystery:

The texture, the plating, and the screws certainly seem to line up. ┬áHope we’re all ready for JoeCon next week!

4 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club hints at Tiger Force Eaglehawk

  1. A Tigerhawk? Well that’s just Prime! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I wonder if the pilot will be Wild Bill, Lift-Ticket, Skystriker, Recondo, or someone altogether new?

  2. What’s wrong with your inference, look where the mouth would be then: across the canopy!

  3. If it is an actual photo then you are right. Though, it is likely a Photoshop image. Personally I’m thinking the “eye” will be a tampo application over the circular bump near the bomb nosecones on the starboard side of the aircraft, but I suppose we will all know in seven days.

  4. Skystriker would make sense. If you assume most people interested in this set and this vehicle already have the 25th Tiger Rat (and thus 25th Tiger Force Wild Bill) then it would make sense that the club would release a Skystriker that people could then use in the Tiger Rat and put Wild Bill in the Tigerhawk.

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