G.I. Joe Collectors Club hints at Tiger Force Eaglehawk

Surprising many of us this evening, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club tossed out a clue as to one of the potential exclusives for JoeCon next week, and it looks like we’re getting a Tiger Force Eaglehawk!

The Club has mentioned that one of the exclusives was a “large vehicle” and then they said that we should “keep an eye out for them in Springfield“…


Well, it didn’t take long for G.I. Joe fans to dip into their collections and uncover this little mystery:

The texture, the plating, and the screws certainly seem to line up. ┬áHope we’re all ready for JoeCon next week!

Combiner Wars Leader Megatron in stock at Amazon.com

I know a lot of folks have been on the hunt for this guy, and he’s now available through Amazon for only $46.99 and free shippng!

Check out my review of this great figure, and click the image below to grab one of your own.

New Fantastic Four trailer takes flight

As excited as I am for the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios projects I’ve almost written off Fantastic Four before it even gets rolling. Hollywood as a whole has struggled to capture Marvel’s First Foursome in film form, and I’m not convinced this will be any different.

To the Fantastic Four’s credit, I actually enjoyed the first trailer, and thought it brought an interesting atmosphere to the team, mostly due to the pedigree of the director Josh Trank.

This second trailer continues the spirit of that as well, surprisingly. No, there are no especially unique Fantastic Four costumes or logo’s, but the feel is different than what we’ve seen in Fantastic Four films of years past. I may not see this one in the theater, but I’ll check it out on home release. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


New Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron tour Asia

Hot Toys is beginning its tour of Asia, making the rounds at various conventions, and in the midst of doing so has begun revealing some before unseen new Avengers: Age of Ultron figures!

Their first stop is Hong Kong, at Hysan Place & Lee Theatre, where they have set up an elaborate display including some existing figures, some new figures, and an amazing diorama featuring the Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man going toe-to-toe.

Check out the full details at the Hot Toys Facebook page, or see the images below, and you can pre-order several of these Hot Toys figures now at Sideshow Collectibles!