Marauder Launches 1:12 scale 6″ Accessory Kickstarter!

Wow, this came out of nowhere!  That Marauder guy loves to launch this stuff in surprise fashion at the beginning of April.

With his Marauder Task Force figures surging their way through the production process, Marauder has launched a brand new Kickstarter featuring 1:12 scale weapons and accessories for 6″ action figures!  Similar to his 1:18 offerings, he’s presenting some of his most popular modular weapons in a larger scale.

Folks have been clamoring for a 6″ G.I. Joe line, well, get on this Kickstarter early and grab yourself an arsenal, just in case.

You can’t deny the devotion to the 6″ scale that many collectors have, so I’m sure this will go over well.  Check out the Kickstarter here, and show your support for Marauder!

If there are 6″ afficianados who are not familiar with Marauder’s work, trust me when I say the quality is second to none.  You will NOT be disappointed.


Another closer look at a G.I. Joe Convention Exclusive – Iron Anvil

Over on the G.I. Joe Con Facebook Page, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has posted a nice close up image of the upcoming Iron Anvil from the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention boxed set!

This gives us a good look at the actual figure, plus the incredible Boss Fight Studio head sculpt that translates the ’94 Cobra Viper into modern era perfection.

Check out GIJoeCon on Facebook, and the images mirrored below.

Arrow “Supercut” reveals upcoming excitement

I spend a lot of time talking about The Flash, and not a whole lot of time talking about Arrow. Truth be told, it took me two seasons to really get invested in Arrow, but now that I am, I’m enjoying it a lot. At the beginning, it felt somewhat soap opera-ish, but it’s grown out of that into a more mature, action oriented show. Sure, there’s a generous helping of love triangle stuff, but that’s true of The Flash as well.

CW has released a long clip of upcoming events for the rest of this third season of Arrow, and there looks like a lot of stuff still to come. Check out the clip below.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club NON Attending Registration ends tonight

Today at 5:00pm Central time, registration for NON attendees of the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention will be closed!  If you want a Homefront Heroes set, now is the time.  Check out the full email below.

Hello everyone,
Non-Attending Registration for GIJoeCon 2015 ends at 5pm Thursday Central time.

There are 71 sets left as of this morning in the Non-Attending allocation. Don’t miss out, this is on track for a sellout!

In addition, we still have sets reserved for late attending registrations at the show. If you are interested in coming, and did not have a chance to register, come at 8:30 AM on Friday, April 10, to the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, IL. Availability is subject to the remaining stock on hand.

Please read these rules:

1. You will need to be an active member of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club to register. You can join at the same time.

2. This alternate registration system does not have the help or rule control our regular system does. Therefore, you will need to go slowly and make sure you follow the rules for what packages are allowed. Once the registration is placed we cannot edit it. We can only delete it which will cause you to have to re-register correctly and you may lose the items in your order.

3. Each order will be reviewed and approved. You can tell if it is approved by logging back in, go to My Account, view your Order History and look in the shipping column. If it says Not Shipped, it has not been approved yet. If it has a ship date, it has been approved. This can take up to 3+ days due to the volume. Registration for Non-Attending will close on Thursday at approximately 5pm Central Time.

After the convention, we will mark them not shipped so that when they do come in, and are shipped to you, the ship date will be correct.

Due to all of the congestion in China and the west coast shipping terminals, we estimate that these will ship to you in June. If the time frame improves, we will let you know.

4. For the 3 3/4″ loose sets, you are only allowed one loose figure set per 3 3/4” boxed set. If you pick more sets than you chose for boxed sets, we will delete your registration. Once these run out we will remove them from the software so if you don’t see them in the system, they are sold out.

5. If you have an attending registration and didn’t get the loose set, you CANNOT order a non-attending loose set. If this occurs, we will cancel the order.

6. An admin fee is added to each order’s shipping cost in the amount of $7.

Please go to to register for Non-Attending Sets. Click the registration button. You may order more than one set.

Thanks for your patience and support!


Things are really speeding up on The Flash

About two weeks ago I posted a mixed review for The Flash Episode 15, “Out of Time”. While I loved the impact the episode had, I lambasted the fact that the back in time trick essentially reset everything that had happened and thus made the episode more or less meaningless.

I did get some heat for that opinion, but here we are, two weeks later, and I’m still feeling much the same way.

But…to the Flash’s credit, they’ve managed to capitalize on their decision to turn back the clock.  Read the full review at the link below.

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