Botcon reveals exclusive Packrat!

It was a simpler time…it was the late 90s/early 00s and I was a Beast Wars fanatic. I had aggressively consumed all Beast Wars toys at retail, even brought some in from Japan, and was officially a Beast Wars fanatic.

And then I stumbled across the world of Botcon exclusives, and I suddenly realized that as much as I loved Beast Wars, I was just never going to have them all. Packrat was one of the first exclusive figures I saw and I fell in love with the idea, even as the secondary market cost spiraled out of my grasp.

So for Botcon to be revisiting the idea here in 2015 makes sense, especially with a fantastic source figure in the Transformers: Generations Rattrap. ¬†I absolutely love that blue and gold combination, too… ¬†Packrat looks pretty gorgeous. has revealed Packrat as an exclusive for the upcoming Transformers Convention this summer. Check out for the details, and the image and great video are mirrored below.

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