Transformers: Combiner Wars Powerglide

Transformers: Combiner Wars Powerglide
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  • Articulation
  • Vehicle
  • Robot Mode
  • Transformation


Short, spunky, and full of ordnance Powerglide roars into battle with his nose mounted canon and VTOL engines. Whether he's a plane, a poseable robot, or a double-barreled weapon of destruction, this little guy is packed full of power.


Damn you, Combiner Wars!

When it comes to Transformers, the Deluxe scale figures are my sweet spot. I buy Voyager from time to time, though they’re getting expensive. I only buy Leader very rarely… Deluxes are really what interests me. Complex and interesting enough to be fun, but not outrageously expensive. The Legends figures always seemed far too simplified and uninteresting.

Then there were the Combiner Wars.

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I bought Blackjack because he formed the chest piece for Menasor…and now simply because he forms a blaster for Superion, Powerglide is in my collection.

Granted, I have an affinity for A-10 aircraft anyway, with the Rattler being the backbone of the Cobra air force. But I’d prefer my A-10’s a bit beefier and more threatening. Powerglide is a small and simple Autobot, and looks pretty neat in robot form, actually. He has ball joint hips and shoulders, and his head turns against the body of the aircraft. He does not have elbow swivels, though he has very flexible elbow joints, as well as knees. The combination makes him pretty nicely poseable for such a little guy.


His vehicle mode suffers a bit, however. The color breaks for the legs look distracting in plane form, and those same legs don’t click in real well either, meaning you’re usually fiddling with him as you fly him around going “zap zap zap”… errr… we all do that, right?

Also, the arms/VTOL engines look a lot more like arms than VTOL engines, so again, the robot is nice, the vehicle, eh… could use a little work. My primary love of Transformers comes from their robot modes anyway, though, and I rarely display any in vehicle form, so it isn’t a huge distraction to me.

Powerglide’s third form is barely a third form, with a flip-up crosshair scope, his arms rotated around to reveal missile pods, and his rear engines slid back, with the whole plan spun around to look like a double-barreled blaster. Truth is, it looks more like a folded up A-10 than a double barreled blaster, but I’m willing to suspend disbelieve to have Superion blasting holes in Menasor’s chest with this thing.


As a “Transformer” Powerglide isn’t perfect, but as a well-articulated and designed miniature robot, he’s a lot of fun. That’s enough for me, though that may not be for folks who are more into the “Transformer” side of things.

Dammit these Combiner Wars are going to be the death of me.


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