Mark Hamill returns to his role as Trickster on The Flash tonight!

I still remember how excited I was when The Flash hit CBS back in the
day. Fresh off of Burton’s landscape-changing Batman film, super
heroes were briefly in vogue again, and backed up by the Danny Elfman
theme, lightning scorching through the logo, and an actual real life
Flash costume, Thursday nights on CBS were my bag. I was in high
school, and could barely sit still through afternoon Physics class
waiting for that nightly installment.

When the Trickster appeared, it was a big deal. I can see myself
excitedly cutting out the TV Guide article that revealed his costume
for the first time and taping it into my big shabby red photo book,
joining the newspaper clippings for the Batman film and the Sunday
comics that weren’t permanently hosted on the Internet back in the
early 90s.

I don’t get quite so child-like with my giddiness these days, but
I’ll admit, Hamill revisiting his role as the Trickster is a great
move by these new Flash showrunners in a first season that continues
to do so much right. No, not everything right, but they’re doing a
damn good job.

Check out the preview for tonight’s The Flash courtesy of USA Today



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