Agents of SHIELD clip sheds some light on SHIELD’s fall

The events in Captain America: Winter Soldier feel like they happened such a long time ago, and tomorrow night, we get to revisit that time during Agents of SHIELD.  As the two SHIELD’s prepare to clash, we get a peek at how Bobbie and Mack met up with Gonzales…

I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that we have a weekly TV series with Mockingbird as one of the main heroes.  That’s pretty bad ass.  They gotta find a way to get Renner on this show, too…at least for a guest spot.

Daredevil character posters create great cityscape

Joining the previously revealed Matt Murdock character poster, supporting characters, including Foggy Nelson and Wilson Fisk himself, now come together to form a fantastic group poster with all characters lining up against the dark backdrop of Hell’s Kitchen,

Check out the great (and massive) poster below.


Transformers: Combiner Wars Megatron

I have no idea what the deal is with Megatron.

Here he is… the top bad guy in the Decepticon armada, and one of the most fearsome villains in pop culture history. But Hasbro just never seemed to be able to get how to make him cool in toy form.

His original Walther P38 in 1984 obviously defined the look and feel for the evil leader of the Decepticons, but it was really the animated series and comic that took his design aesthetics and made them a bit more robust.

Hasbro has revisited Megatron dozens of times over the years and never seemed to be able to capture the look of that classic villain. Of course I think it’s accepted that they can’t use a realistic pistol as his alt mode, a fact that should surprise and disturb no one by now…so why not something else?


Well, they finally did it. They looked past the “pistol problem” and went into Megatron’s past… his second Generation past, to be specific, where he appeared as a tank. Using the tank as his alt mode, and some striking colors and real working rubber treads, Hasbro managed to do multiple homages at once and give us a pretty great looking offensive vehicle, and a robot mode that is amazingly reminiscent of the familiar Megatron we all know and love.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some good Megatrons along the way… I have about 4 – 5 Beast Wars, Animated, and Prime versions that I absolutely love. But they weren’t the classic Megatron… that G1 iconic look of the Decepticon overlord. Well, now that’s changed.


I’ve read some complaints about the figure, mostly with his leg poseability, and yeah, I can see some of those issues. His range of motion in his legs could be a bit better, but at this point, just looking at him on the shelf, I love this figure so much. This is the first time I’ve dropped $40+ on a Transformers figure in a very, very long time, and I have not a single ounce of buyer’s remorse. He is awesome.

I will say the articulation is a little…  funky?  Is that the right term?  The joints feel somewhat springy, and don’t hold especially well.  He’s got enough articulation to make him poseable, but when he’s posed, he’s forced to stand at somewhat awkward angles.  He has ball joint hips, shoulders, and neck, with some level of elbow joints and knees, though you do occasionally have to shift around his fusion cannon to get him to move how you want him to move (yes, it’s permanently attached).


The perfect combination of silver and black really brings the evil Decepticon to life in all the right ways. That long, cylindrical torso shape, those blocky arms, and slender black legs connect all the right dots to bring us that classic G1 Megatron many of us have been waiting for. I do wish that maybe his fusion cannon was a bit better and not so restrictive, but for a figure I’ve been waiting 30 years for, it’s tough to pick nits.

As a leader toy, I anticipated some complex transformation steps, but like the other Combiner Wars toys I’ve bought, it was relatively straight forward and simple to get from one mode to the other. The tank feels a bit floppy and not quite as “put together” as some other vehicles I’ve seen from the Transformers line, but he looks good and is functional enough to work.

The small sticker sheet that Megatron comes with is a neat touch, and based on IDW continuity, you can even make him an Autobot if you so choose.  I don’t so choose, but more power to those who want to, it’s nice that Hasbro gave that as an option.


I never thought I’d ever say this, but now Hasbro needs to make another Optimus Prime that can stand toe-to-toe… this hulking Megs needs a sparring partner.

Check out my video review of Combiner Wars Megatron below… with some assistance from my 5 year old…