Avengers: Age of Ultron Hawkeye Pre-Order is LIVE

Don’t miss the boat! The first Avengers Hawkeye sold out quick and now goes for some insane amount on the secondary market. This update looks absolutely amazing and is up for pre-order on Sideshow Collectibles’ website NOW.

Check out the link below and go get ‘im! I know I will…

Marvel Hawkeye Marvel Sixth Scale Figure

Carded image of G.I. Joe Collectors Club Arctic Dr. Mindbender

Expected to be available at the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention, the Collectors Club has revealed the first image of Arctic Dr. Mindbender on a classic themed card. Looks pretty great, I gotta say.

Check out the image below, or over on Facebook.com


Boss Fight Studio reveals 2015 G.I. Joe Convention Plans

Over on the Boss Fight Studio Facebook Page, the folks from BFS talk a bit about what to expect at their booth at the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention in Springfield, IL…and it sounds like there will be some exciting stuff to look forward to.

According to Boss Fight Studio, we’ll be seeing Virtuvian HACKS and Marauder Task Force figures on display (not for purchase), the first images of some upcoming Eagle Force product (Kickstarter incoming), and… for the first time ever… the Skeleton!

Check out the update below, and over on Facebook.


PHEW!! Joe Con is right around the corner! Boss Fight is honored once again to have served as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club weapon of choice in bringing new characters and sculpts to the modern era. Working with the Club’s concepts and ideas, BFS was happy to help bring five figures to the 2015 line up. The Club/BFS team worked on all the builds and designs together to bring you the best figures possible. Tiger Force Stalker, General Mayhem, Iron Anvil, & Metal Head from the exclusive Convention Set and Arctic Dr. Mindbender from the Club Membership exclusive.

So if your asking yourself “What am I doing April 9th – 12th?” The answer is that you’re coming to Joe Con in Springfield Illinois! Amongst the celebration of all things GI Joe…we’ll be there talking about toy design and showing off our upcoming Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. line. Come see the Marauder Task Force figures (From Marauder “Gun-Runners”), Original Sculpts, V-H.A.C.K.S. series 2, and the debut of Eagle Force! We’ll also be doing sketches and selling T-Shirts and Buttons.

Also for the first time ever…


IDW Publishing to appear at Emerald City ComicCon this weekend

IDW-Publishing-LogoThis weekend marks another annual ECCC, which is consistently emerging as one of the go-to Conventions in the country, and IDW Publishing will be in attendance.

In pouring over their list of guests and panels, there is nothing specifically G.I. Joe related, however when you consider solicitations for this year are showing a drastically reduced footprint of G.I. Joe titles, it certainly seems like a topic that will, and should, be discussed.

I did reach out to Editor in Chief Chris Ryall about G.I. Joe, and while he had no public comment, he did assure me that there are plans in place for G.I. Joe going forward.

IDW will be partaking in a couple of different panels that may hopefully shed some light on that G.I. Joe situation:

Friday, 1:00 – 2:00 Room Hall C (TCC 301)

IDW: 2015 and Beyond—IDW invites you to join in their first big panel of 2015! Join VP of Marketing Dirk Wood, Editor-in-Chief/Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall, alongside editor Sarah Gaydos, Erik Burnham of Ghostbusters fame, and Jody Houser, writer of the hit Orphan Black comic for a spirited chat filled with announcements, hijinks and Q&A!

Sunday, 4:00 – 5:00 Room Hall C (TCC 301)
IDW Presents: The New Class of Licensed Comics—Transformers, Adventure Time, Star Trek, Orphan Black, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic… What do these comics all have in common? They’re all licensed comics, and although some may STILL look down on them, they’re also home to some of the best talent telling the best stories around. Come hear about the good (and the sometimes challenging) aspects of working on books like these, from host Editor Sarah Gaydos (Star Trek, Disney, Edward Scissorhands), with special guests Kate Leth (Bravest Warriors, Edward Scissorhands), Corinna Bechko (Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Once Upon a Time), Jody Houser (Orphan Black), Editor Shannon Waters (of BOOM!), Chris Roberson (Aliens, Star Trek), and Gabriel Hardman (Planet of the Apes, Star Wars).

You can read the full press release after the break.

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G.I. Joe Convention Metalhead digital head sculpt

As the wait for G.I. Joe Convention registration hits a tipping point, the G.I. Joe Convention Facebook Page has posted a new image of the head sculpt for the upcoming Metalhead!

As one might expect from Boss Fight Studios, the head is really fantastic.  Lots of detail, and I love the sculpted crosshairs in the goggles.  Great, great stuff.  Check out the image below and brace yourself for registration.


Transformers: Combiner Wars Quickslinger and Brake Neck Uncovered!

Yesterday I had excitedly posted about Hasbro’s tease for upcoming Combiner Wars figures Quickslinger and Brake Neck, otherwise known as Slingshot and Wildrider.

Well, shortly after that post, the reveals came via Facebook, and via official images (which I saw first on BWTF.com).

Indeed these two additions to the Combiner Wars armada are pretty fantastic, and make me even itchier for my Wave 2 Stunticons. As I mentioned yesterday, I have great fondness for these two particular gestalt teams…I love getting such an inspired and well crafted update.

Check out those images below.

Promos for next week’s Agents of SHIELD and The Flash

Last night was Tuesday, meaning a comic fan’s dream as new episodes of both Agents of SHIELD and The Flash aired.

With those new episodes airing come previews for next week.

On Agents of SHIELD, things look to be coming to a head between Coulson’s SHIELD and “the real” SHIELD.  While last night’s episode was relatively slow and plodding, it looks like things will be picking up next week!

Meanwhile, The Flash continues to be…well… pretty much perfect.  I know I lambasted last week’s episode a bit, but I’ll be damned if each week isn’t like watching a comic book come to life for 60 minutes.  It’s pretty damn great.  I still can’t believe Mark Hamill is coming back as the original Trickster next week.  Could this show get any more fun?  Check out that preview below.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hawkeye by Hot Toys really hits the mark

Hot Toys first came on my radar during the first Avengers film and I was blown away by the first Hawkeye they developed. It was one of the finest action figures I’d seen, but I felt the price tag was just way out of reach.

Here we are a couple of years later, and an ongoing dry spell for G.I. Joe, and suddenly perhaps I can find a way to afford this… I certainly hope so, Jeremy Renner just seems to be calling to me.

Hot Toys has revealed their impressive outing for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and considering the first version of this character now fetches around six hundred bucks on the secondary market, I’ll have to be satisfied with this one as a member of my Avengers team.

I think I can learn to live with it. Check out a small gallery of images below, and be ready for an incoming pre-order!

GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3.0 Hit & Run and Alpine

It feels like it’s been a long road to get to this point, but a few days ago, I finally got the Figure Subscription Service Hit & Run in my hot little hands! A figure first uncovered during the Concept Case reveal now almost three years ago. It’s gone through many changes and different iterations since then, but I’m happy to say most of the great things about that figure remain intact.

Not all, but most.

Check out the G.I. Joe Collectors Club review page or click the links below to read my thoughts on both Hit & Run and Alpine! You might be surprised which one gets a higher rank.

  1. Hit & Run
  2. Alpine

gijcc-fss-alpine (8)