So you think your Superion and Menasor are complete? Think again…

I know there aren’t many folks out there who already have the Wave 2 Stunticons, but even if you do, your Menasor will not be complete until Hasbro releases one more figure…  and for you Autobot fans who think they have a complete Superion with a helicopter as one of the limbs?  Not so fast my friends..

Yesterday, rumors broke at TFW2005 that price listings for two Combiner Wars figures appeared… Quickslinger and Brake Neck.  Now for folks like me who aren’t real in tune with the Transformers world yet, those names are meaningless.  But folks who know their Transformers stuff know that Quickslinger has been a replacement name for Slingshot and Brake Neck a substitute for Wildrider.

That’s right, those two missing members of your Aerialbots and Stunticons gestalts are confirmed to be coming soon from Hasbro!  Along with the rumored price list, the Transformers Facebook Page posted the following image:


And by the sounds of it, they’re prepared to reveal more of those two characters.

Normally I’m not especially emotionally invested in specific Transformer characters, but Slingshot was the first Aerialbot I ever owned, and his absence on Superion has been missed.  I’m really happy to see it won’t be missed for much longer.

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