MattyCollector 200x Subscription GO!

Wow, how times have changed… I remember every single year rolling my eyes at those MattyCollector updates…at the thermometer gradually strolling upwards as the subscription period neared completion, thinking about what chumps Mattel was and the folks who hung on their every word.

Well, call me a chump.

I can’t quite explain it, but over the past 16 months, I’ve been captured by the MOTUC net and I was exceptionally excited to see the 200x Sub succeed, so I’ve been following along the whole way. To see it victorious today made me really, really happy.

These figures aren’t nostaliga triggering classics… they’re just a selection of amazing, bad ass looking action figures, and that’s enough to sell me. They’ll be perfect for anyone’s collection whether you’re a Masters of the Universe purist or a 200x afficianado. I’m glad to see the sub succeed, and I can’t wait to get my first figure in the mail.


3 thoughts on “MattyCollector 200x Subscription GO!

  1. Justin, how many sets do they have to sell to make it a go? Do they sell a lot more sets than the Club with FSS? I just wonder because I sure wish Hasbro would do these kinds of sets for Joe… I assume Hasbro is just not interested in making things that sell at this scale. I know they had DTC for a while, and it didn’t do well… but there is clearly some demand for ME figures. It’s so drool inducing to think of a Joe set like this, with multiple new parts on every single figure. Sigh.
    I’ve always thought the MOTU Classics line looked awesome… just don’t want to sink all the money into it when I already try to do Joe and Star Wars.

  2. Poddie, I’m honestly not sure how Mattel figures the quantity… I also wish Hasbro would do something similar. I mean I know the Collectors Club does their FSS, but I’d love for Hasbro back it a bit more fully so we could get more new tooling and more resources devoted to it.

  3. My impression is that Hasbro is simply not interested in messing around with low sales number items that only sell to collectors. If a line can’t truly hit it big at Target and Walmart, and be successful with kids, I don’t feel like they want to do it.
    Just makes me so sad when I see the MOTU stuff and there are so many new parts being produced in excellent quality for what I suspect is a fairly low selling item. Always makes me think… WHY can’t Hasbro do this? If Mattel can get the costing to work out, why can’t Hasbro? Is the Joe fandom so much smaller?
    It seems to me, the fan base has to be smaller, or Hasbro has to be disinterested in dealing with the low number stuff. Or both I suppose.

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