G.I. Joe Convention General Mayhem head and vest digital sculpts

So, the day has gone by and unfortunately Convention registration did not occur, but the G.I. Joe Collectors Club did share some fantastic digital sculpts with us for the upcoming JoeCon General Mayhem.

Expertly crafted by the wonderful guys and girls at Boss Fight Studio, General Mayhem’s looking really sharp, and my mind is going crazy just thinking about all the different ways that secondary could be used…  man, we could get a whole secret cabal of the Jugglers!

Check out the two images below and hang tight for registration, it’s coming!

So you think your Superion and Menasor are complete? Think again…

I know there aren’t many folks out there who already have the Wave 2 Stunticons, but even if you do, your Menasor will not be complete until Hasbro releases one more figure…  and for you Autobot fans who think they have a complete Superion with a helicopter as one of the limbs?  Not so fast my friends..

Yesterday, rumors broke at TFW2005 that price listings for two Combiner Wars figures appeared… Quickslinger and Brake Neck.  Now for folks like me who aren’t real in tune with the Transformers world yet, those names are meaningless.  But folks who know their Transformers stuff know that Quickslinger has been a replacement name for Slingshot and Brake Neck a substitute for Wildrider.

That’s right, those two missing members of your Aerialbots and Stunticons gestalts are confirmed to be coming soon from Hasbro!  Along with the rumored price list, the Transformers Facebook Page posted the following image:


And by the sounds of it, they’re prepared to reveal more of those two characters.

Normally I’m not especially emotionally invested in specific Transformer characters, but Slingshot was the first Aerialbot I ever owned, and his absence on Superion has been missed.  I’m really happy to see it won’t be missed for much longer.

MattyCollector 200x Subscription GO!

Wow, how times have changed… I remember every single year rolling my eyes at those MattyCollector updates…at the thermometer gradually strolling upwards as the subscription period neared completion, thinking about what chumps Mattel was and the folks who hung on their every word.

Well, call me a chump.

I can’t quite explain it, but over the past 16 months, I’ve been captured by the MOTUC net and I was exceptionally excited to see the 200x Sub succeed, so I’ve been following along the whole way. To see it victorious today made me really, really happy.

These figures aren’t nostaliga triggering classics… they’re just a selection of amazing, bad ass looking action figures, and that’s enough to sell me. They’ll be perfect for anyone’s collection whether you’re a Masters of the Universe purist or a 200x afficianado. I’m glad to see the sub succeed, and I can’t wait to get my first figure in the mail.


G.I. Joe Convention Registration Coming Soon…

It feels like we have this conversation every year… the G.I. Joe Convention at this point is only a few short weeks away and again technical issues are plaguing the registration system. Fun Publications has sent out another update, informing us that one way or another registration should be happening this week, either Tuesday or Wednesday.

So buckle up and get ready. Check out the text of the e-mail below.

Hello everyone,

At this point, we have very little faith that the programming company will finish the new software enough for registration to take place with the new version.  We are very disappointed in this company and will be taking the appropriate action after the convention.  We are diligently working on implementing our back-up plan.  

We are planning to bring one or the other online either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.  Please note that non-attending packages will NOT be available until we close the attending registrations (which will only be open a few days).  

Unfortunately the backup solution doesn’t have total flexibility to edit registration mistakes as it is half computer and half manual.  Therefore, please read the brochure again.  Go slowly during the registration process, and please DON”T pick the wrong items that are not allowed per the brochure.  We will review and approve or disapprove each registration.  The only option we have for errors is to delete the registration and let you start over, which could cause a supply issue if someone else gets the item before you re-register.

Just a quick note on some of the rules:
Golden Ticket packages can only have 1 GT Aide with them.
Golden Ticket packages can order the other boxed sets as well if they want more than one boxed set.
American Hero and/or General’s packages can have up to 4 aides.
For the 3 3/4″ loose sets, you are only allowed one loose figure set per boxed set.
Don’t pick the Thursday Class and the Thursday Walking Tour as you can’t be in 2 paces at the same time.
Please make sure you put in the proper field (on the registration) all of the package holder’s name(s) and which package they are assigned to.
The software doesn’t know any of these rules, so it’s up to you to follow them (as we do know the rules).

Thanks for your patience and I assure you we are more upset than you are….


Preview for IDW Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #3

Mike Costa and Paolo Vilanelli continues to do the impossible, and make me fully invested in a Snake Eyes solo book…the latest issue of Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra hits comic shops tomorrow, check out the preview below.

G.I. JOE: Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #3 (of 5)

Mike Costa (w) • Paolo Villanelli (a & c)

As STORM SHADOW leads the Arashikage clan closer and closer to capturing the former COBRA COMMANDER’s son, SNAKE EYES must race ahead and bring the target to COBRA before it’s too late. But what will SNAKE EYES do once G.I. JOE gets involved?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • A story of moral dilemmas, hard choices…and Ninjas!

Transformers: Combiner Wars Blackjack

Yeah, I don’t even know who the heck Blackjack is (hint – it’s this guy), but once I started building Menasor I decided he looked incomplete enough that I needed to finish him off… so dammit Hasbro your “Combiner Wars” strategy just hooked me in.

Blackjack is a Legends scale Decepticon, a scale that doesn’t normally appeal to me, as I prefer to stick with Deluxe and above. In this case, though, I took the plunge, and I was exceptionally surprised by how much I love this toy.


He looks really good in car mode, and even though he’ll be a little smaller than his Stunticon brothers he still blends in pretty well. His transformation is quick and easy, and the figure is really poseable, a fact that is a deal breaker to me with Transformers. One of the reasons I never really dove in head first to Transformers as a kid was that the stupid robots could barely move. I don’t have to worry about that these days (at least not much).


Ball joints are prevalent everywhere on this figure, and he looks really great in all the various poses.  Shoulders are ball joints, hips are ball joints, neck is a ball joint, his flexibility is remarkable, and fun for a small guy like this.  There are great knee and elbow joints as well, only adding to his poseability.

But I got this toy for pretty much a singular purpose… he had to fit that vacant chest cavity on Menasor, and unfortunately he very nearly fails to do that single task. Because of the way the legs click together, that second hole is loose enough that Blackjack doesn’t stay real well where I want him to stay. Thanks to the immortal advice of my friend (and former Hasbro designer) Matt, I took some thin paper and filled the holes, then pressed Blackjack down onto the pegs, and he stays much better that way. Better enough that I’m happy with the way Menasor looks (even though he does basically just look like a full car is strapped to his chest) and don’t feel like Blackjack is going to come springing off at a moment’s notice.

I bought Blackjack for a very specific reason, and even though that reason needed a little encouragement, I found myself pretty happy with the figure over all. Both modes are a lot of fun, straight forward transformation, and just a great looking toy to boot.