Eagle Force Returns promises reveals at JoeCon

As we near summer, I get more and more excited about the upcoming Eagle Force and Captain Action Kickstarter, and each review from the Eagle Force Returns folks gets me even more amped up.

Over on their Facebook page, they’ve posted a really nice mock up of a postcard in the theme of the vintage cardback, and have also promised a pair of reveals at JoeCon 2015!

Two characters on the back of this cardback postcard are blurred out, Stryker, Jr and Fireball.

Back in the day, Fireball was a member of RIOT (though I believe in the midst of production his name was changed to Beta Man), and Stryker was a sharpshooter.  Going by the name “Stryker, Jr” it sounds like he may have an heir who is following in his footsteps.  Here are some original concepts for those two characters, from the always resourceful MegoMuseum.  The large card art for Stryker courtesy of Amazon.com.


Definitely some interesting source material there.  Check out the card backs below to see some great new concept artwork for Captain Eagle as well as the blurred out cardback for the reveals at JoeCon (once again, courtesy of the Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page):

Now, it would seem to me that they’re definitely using the second Fireball concept above as their source for whatever new designs they’re doing.  A short while ago they posted the following image on their  Facebook page as well, which you may recognize as the mask that is flipped up on top of Fireball’s head above:


So some fun stuff to see for sure. Not only do we know Hasbro will be in attendance to reveal new product, but we should be hearing some Eagle Force news as well. Make sure you stay tuned here, too, as we’re going to post the What’s on Joe Mind interview with Bill and Craig from Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys, who will be revealing some terrific information about this upcoming Kickstarter!

Also keep watching EagleForceReturns.com and Eagle Force Returns on Facebook for more news and information.