Heartbreaking essay recalls the life — and death — of G.I. Joe artist Jeremy Dale

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve held a copy of Jeremy Dale’s work in your hands. As one of the primary artists of the 25th Anniversary Comic Pack comics, Dale left his legacy on the G.I. Joe world, putting Hama’s words to pictures throughout several comic pack-ins during the 25th Anniversary line.

Mr. Dale unexpectedly passed away several months ago, leaving the comics community in stunned silence.

Not many details have been revealed about his untimely death, but now, one of his closest friends, Joe Peacock has written an emotional essay about the common flu that quickly became uncommon and took his friend far too soon.

Check out the essay on Medium.com.

Also, this weekend at South Carolina ComicCon, we will be paying tribute to the life and work of Jeremy Dale with a Drink and Draw on Saturday, March 21, from 7PM until whenever at Quest Brewing Company. Whether or not you can draw, you can most certainly drink. Come on out and celebrate with them.


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