Toys “R” Us Flagship store in Times Square to close in 2016

It’s a sad day for toy fans everywhere. According to (via the Commercial Observer) the Times Square Toys “R” Us location is likely to decline renewing their lease for the store, although they are likely to get some other retail space nearby.

I’ve gone out of my way to visit this store every single time I’ve been to the city (which was for about 7 straight years for various Toy Fair events) and I’m very sad to hear of its closing. It wasn’t some “toy mecca” of new product or the latest and greatest toys, but it was a statement of the impact of toy stores on all of us, young and old. With a Ferris Wheel, a lifesized Barbie Dreamhouse, a looming dinosaur, and an environment of out of this world fun, it was a fantastic place to visit, even if it rarely had the newest G.I. Joe toys I was looking for.

I had always promised that I’d bring my daughters to it one day, and I’m sad that this is likely never to come to pass, it’s an experience I’m certain they would have enjoyed, even if their favorite Frozen toys weren’t in stock and ready to buy.


2 thoughts on “Toys “R” Us Flagship store in Times Square to close in 2016

  1. I doubt we’ll ever see a time when toys dominate the hearts and minds of kids the way they did in the 80’s-90’s. It’s sad, really. Tactile play has given way to digital play, which I fully admit to enjoying. But there was a time when toys were the driving medium of children’s imaginations, and thus giant warehouses of toys were relevant. Not so anymore. *sniff*

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