Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Armor He-Man

Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Armor He-Man
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For the second season of the MYP 200x Animated Series, the He-Man character was drastically overhauled to battle against the nefarious Snake Men! You can say it was just a ploy for Mattel to sell more toys, but the new design was striking and interesting, and very much the opposite of the bare-chested barbarian.

Elaborate armor, chain mail, layered metal sculpting, all enhanced by the terrific Classics articulation, this is an unexpectedly fun update to the He-Man mythology. For someone like me, who subscribes mostly to the old school mini comic version of the character, I was surprised to enjoy this figure as much as I did.

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As we are halfway through the subscription period for the new MattyCollector 200x mini subscription, it makes sense to focus strongly on a figure that fully represented the 200x era hero in the second season of the early 2000’s animated series.

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Back in the early 80s I was a huge Masters of the Universe fan. Like, really huge. Before I ever bought my first G.I. Joe figure, I had Skeletor, Beast Man, He-Man, and Stratos, and set them up in battle scenes on my dresser next to my bed. Many a night I lay in bed staring up at those awesome creatures as I drifted off to sleep.

My love affair with He-Man faded as those 4″ army men came into vogue and I realized that there was such a thing as articulation with action figures, and my G.I. Joe’s could actually DO a lot more than the defenders of Eternia. As such, my He-Man fascination dwindled while my G.I. Joe obsession only grew.

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I have recently become nearly infatuated with Masters of the Universe again, as they’ve become proficient at perfectly infusing the classic style with modern articulation. But there was one other time that I grew re-attached to Masters of the Universe as well, and that was in the early 2000’s. Those MYP 200x animated episodes re-ignited a spark in me, and in fact managed to flare that spark far brighter than the original Filmation series did. For every eye roll that Filmation series solicited from my 8 year old head, the new MYP series brought a wide smile to my face. It captured a lot of the classic fun, but made the world much larger and more engaging, as well as more serious.

So, I’ll admit, every time a 200x themed Masters of the Universe Classics figure emerged, my eyes twinkled, but I didn’t bite, mostly because I’ve never been a subscriber, and it always seemed impossible to get the figures I wanted to get. But when I saw the Snake Armor He-Man and King Hiss figures that made up the majority of Season 2 of that animated series, I decided I had to try.

I’m glad I did.

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Snake Armor He-Man is a perfect example of how well Mattel is doing with their Classics line. They’re able to pull from all these different styles (Mattel, Filmation, She-Ra, New Adventures, and MYP) and somehow infuse them all with similar design aesthetics, so they can all work within the same universe. Just looking at the design of the figure, with the boulder-sized shoulder pad, the chain metal arm and those crazy boots have so little in common with the more traditional look and feel of the 80’s stuff, but somehow Mattel is able to perfectly integrate it.

There is a wealth of newly tooled parts in this figure, perfectly accentuating the best and most outlandish parts of the animated design. His trademark spiked hair almost immediately draws you back in time ten years, and the crisp paint applications mirror the look of his armor excellently. From the leather straps replacing the “furry shorts” to the bulky, layered armor, this is a very different look from the He-Man that we’re all familiar with, but it manages to blend perfectly with the rest of the Classics collection.

masters-of-the-universe-classics-snake-armor-he-man (10)

He doesn’t come with much in the way of accessories, with the trademark 200x power sword and the snake-grabbing claw that slides into the launcher on his right arm. It’s not much, but both accessories are pretty well done, and fit the figure quite well.

Until I recently re-watched all of the 200x series, I’d forgotten just how much He-Man wore this particular suit of armor in the second season, and now I’m glad I have him represented on my shelf. It’s a striking figure that manages to both stand apart and blend with the rest of the Classics line in a great way.

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