Avengers: Age of Ultron villain joins heroes in poster treatment

While Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver got their time in the sun over the weekend with new Avengers: Age of Ultron posters, it’s now the main villain’s chance for center stage.

Ultron himself has now appeared on his own Avengers movie poster, striking a familiar intimidating pose…


Check out all of the posters in gallery format below.

Paleyfest Panels offer some glimpses into The Flash and Arrow’s future

Talking about the Flash’s future can be a loaded topic, as we’ve already heard that time travel will play a large role in this show going forward. It’s a potential slippery slope, but considering how intertwined the “Speed Force” is with the timestream (or at least that’s how it used to be, I’m admittedly out of touch with any recent DC Comics developments) it’s not a surprising stance that the show is taking.

A panel at Paleyfest over the weekend spoke about things a bit more pointedly as well, making clear references to Wally West, and hinting at a potential dramatic turn for Eddie Thawne, the hero Cop of the hour long CW drama.

Where The Flash is a topic, generally so is Arrow, and there was a panel for that DC themed show as well, teasing many of the same ominous elements as The Flash. It’s always interesting seeing these two shows, which stand in pretty stark contrast to each other. One is bright, cheery, and pretty colorful, while the other is mostly dark, serious, and gritty, yet they manage to exist pretty seamlessly in the same universe. One can only imagine what the DC cinematic universe could be if they would only learn to embrace these TV shows and bring them in to join the “big boys” rather than go out of their way to create a whole new continuity subverting television.

But, back on topic… at Paleyfest, both panels sound entertaining and enlightening, and the best part is, you can watch them for yourself. They’ve both been posted on YouTube, and I’ve embedded them below.

I’ll admit, I’m a Marvel Comics diehard, through and through, and it took me almost a season and a half to commit to Arrow, but I’m glad I did. While Marvel continues to dominate the box office, its tough to argue that DC is establishing a chokehold on the small screen.

I love Agents of SHIELD, and I’m looking more forward to Daredevil than I have for almost anything ever, but DC’s got a great formula as well. It’ll be very interesting to see this new DC vs. Marvel battle wage in the years to come.

Check out both panels below.

EDIT – Huge thanks to Park and Cons for providing the great video…you can find them on Twitter as well.

This will also be released on their podcast in the near future.

Antonio Fuso reveals variant cover for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #214

The May solicitations from IDW Publishing were released a while ago, and while we saw the main cover for A Real American Hero #214, any variant covers were omitted. Well, thanks to Antonio Fuso’s Twitter account, we can now get a look at one of those other variant covers.

Fuso is best known as the artist for the critically acclaimed Cobra and Cobra Files title from IDW Publishing, and I find it fascinating to see his take on the mainstream characters of Snake Eyes and Scarlett.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #214 arrives in May, and features a potentially landscape-altering event in G.I. Joe history. Don’t miss it, and check out the variant cover below.


Daredevil Twitter Q & A with Kingpin himself, Vincent D’Onofrino

April 10th seems to be crawling ever closer, and the promotional train keeps chugging along, leveraging social media pretty heavily.

Today, Christos Gage (one of the Daredevil writers) announced that Vincent D’Onofrino will be doing a Twitter Q & A on March 18th!  Exciting stuff!  Simply use the hashtag #AskFisk to ask a question during the Q & A period.  Check out the specific details below.

G.I. Joe Animation Panel at Long Beach Comic Expo is online

February 28th – March 1st, the Long Beach Comic Expo was held, and one of the panels focused on G.I. Joe animation in the 80s.  The panel featured many of the voice actors who brought our favorite characters to light, and the entire panel is now online.

It’s in full HD and over an hour long, and you’ll feel like you were right in the room.  Check it out below, and thanks to Skinny on Twitter for the heads up.