Masters of the Universe Classics “Ninjor” Ninja Warrior

Masters of the Universe Classics Ninjor
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As an injection of nostalgia, Ninja Warrior (AKA Ninjor) satisfies my inner ten year old who remembers buying this toy so many years ago. While the overall look is very similar to the classic figure, this Matty update has new parts in all the right places. Flawless paint deco, as usual great articulation (in spite of the ornamental belt that hangs low), and amazing accessories, this is truly an update that's worthy of the title NINJA WARRIOR!


As a kid, my interest in Masters of the Universe was fading as my interest in G.I. Joe was surging forward into the formative years of a Real American Hero. However, I have a distinct memory of purchasing Ninjor at Rich’s Department Store in West Lebanon, NH.

For that reason, I was immediately determined to purchase his Classics version from the MattyCollector store.

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I don’t have a Masters of the Universe Classics subscription, and actually purchasing one of the figures from MattyCollector is still a new experience for me, and thankfully, in this case it was quick and easy. Ninjor (or Ninja Warrior as Mattel calls him) was surprisingly available throughout the majority of the day on February 16th, that first sell date. So I picked him up as well as the King Hiss/He-Man two pack, just because I’m a sucker.

Granted, it took them almost a month to arrive, but now that they’re here, I’m loving it.

Mattel has a great benefit when it comes to doing these vintage updates. They were already way ahead of the game on re-using body parts back in the day, so when it comes to modern updates, the fans already have that expectation. Re-use Skeletor’s clawed feet? Go for it, the original already did!

But Mattel finds a way to make the figure new and exciting as well. Ninjor, for instance has a second head sculpt that is truly fantastic. Even though the overall look is similar to Jitsu, it still stands drastically apart, and they can stand side-by-side (or back to back) without looking too much alike. Ninjor has an ornamental belt, a removable vest, a bow, nunchaku, and his trusty sword, and they’re all pretty fantastically designed.

However, as cool as the ornamental belt looks on Ninjor, it’s actually a throwback to the NECA Masters of the Universe Staction version of Jitsu, which is a really fantastic touch!

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As with all of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, I’m a relative n00b when it comes to appreciating their aesthetic, but Ninjor takes full advantage of the neo-classic updated look. He’s well articulated, despite being layered with gear, and he looks terrific in his ninja mask or without it. The intricate paint work on the eyeballs is truly magnificent, and the tight, furrowed brow is evident on both heads.  Rather than using a thin cloth mask like the classic figure did, Mattel opts for two different sculpted heads, which allows for significant level of detail in each.

The paint is especially detailed and well executed, and while I do prefer a bit more range of motion in my action figures, for what they are, MOTUC walks that line between poseability and aesthetic to near perfection.

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Back in the 80s when I first bought Ninjor, I played with him for maybe a few minutes before shaking my head and tossing him aside for the better G.I. Joe figures of the era. It seems interesting that here we are, three decades later, and I’m dedicating some money to Ninjor that would have normally been applied to G.I. Joe.

Everything truly does come around.

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MOTU Vintage Masters of the Universe Ninjor Complete Current Price: $94.99
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 27 days 15 hrs 58 mins
MOTU Vintage Custom : NINJOR SILVER NUNCHUCKS : Jitsu He-Man Masters Universe Current Price: $19.99
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1987 VINTAGE MOTU NINJOR Figure Masters of The Universe Heman Rare ! Current Price: $41.0
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Vintage He-Man Masters of the Universe Ninjor Figure COMPLETE w/ Comic Current Price: $99.99
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Vintage Motu Ninjor Evil Ninja Near Complete  He-man Masters Of The Universe Current Price: $69.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 20 days 6 hrs 38 mins
vintage motu ninjor Current Price: $11.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 26 days 23 mins
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  • TheGigaMach

    I love this guy. And I like how they made him part of the Horde in MOTUC canon. For one of the last figures in the line, allegedly because he’s “less” popular, he’s one of the better figures.