BREAKING – Cobra Commander receives the key to the city of Springfield…

Ever since the Convention location this year was announced as Springfield, G.I. Joe fans everywhere grew wary of Cobra’s involvement in our beloved annual tradition. After all, Cobra and Springfield have been tightly linked for many years, and while which Springfield was “Cobra’s Springfield” has been in argument over the years, it certainly looks as though Illinois just might be a Cobra stronghold.

In a shocking development, the mayor of Springfield, IL has met directly with the nefarious Cobra leader and provided him a key to the city!

Check out the full details and press release below.


Cobra Commander, leader of Cobra, visits Springfield to receive key to the city
All in anticipation of the official G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention taking place April 9-12

Springfield, IL – Cobra Commander, leader of the organization known as Cobra, recently visited Springfield to receive the key to the city from Mayor J. Michael Houston. In an eloquent and moving speech, the cobalt-clad commander-in-chief detailed Cobra’s vision of the future and its goals to bring about a better tomorrow for all those who support their cause. Said Cobra Commander “Springfielders near and far, I accept your Mayor’s generous gift. And let it be known that I too bring a gift for every man, woman and child of this city that is so near and dear to my heart; an invitation to join with me. Join Cobra!”

The Commander’s visit is but a forerunner for more things Cobra coming next month. The second week of April will see swarms of G.I. Joe and Cobra fans – some wearing blue uniforms with crimson cobra-shaped emblems – descend on the Prairie Capital Convention Center for the official G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention, G.I. JoeCon, being held from April 9 – April 12. Those attending the festivities can participate in various activities including autograph sessions with G.I. Joe voice actors, panels and seminars with Hasbro, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, and many of the other special guests, a G.I. Joe parachute drop as well as entry to the largest G.I. Joe centric showroom in the world featuring thousands of G.I. Joe toys and custom G.I Joe vehicles. The weekend is filled with everything G.I.Joe and is sure to be a great, fun time for kids and adults alike!

The cost is $20 for adults and $10 for children (ages 4 & under are free). Hours are Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. Early Bird admittance is available on Saturday beginning at 9 am. The cost is $60. More information, including weekend registration packages for G.I. JoeCon 2015, can be found here

*Note – An EXCLUSIVE look at Cobra Commander’s visit to Springfield visit will be released on the GI Joe Collectors’ Club youtube channel on 3/12/2015


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About Springfield, Illinois
Always Legendary Springfield is a historic Midwestern capital city filled with world-class sites and attractions combined with a friendly small-town atmosphere. It’s a place where visitors get a glimpse of “real” America and the city that Lincoln loved.

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