Mattel unveils 200x Subscription Queen Grayskull

Ohh, man.  So I spend like three hours writing that article about the 200x subscription, and not 10 hours later another figure is revealed by Skeletor’s Love Child over on the MattyCollector forums.

You know what, though?  I’m not complaining.  Veena (AKA Queen  Grayskull) is AWESOME.



She had a very unique look in her 200x Animated Series appearance, and Mattel has captured that to perfection, with the lower-back wings and real cloth.  This figure is astoundingly great and perfectly exemplifies the excellence of the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  They’re able to take figures who appeared for a single episode and make them iconic.  So glad I subbed up this time around.

If any of you out there want a Queen Grayskull for your very own, there’s still time.  Hit MattyCollector and subscribe now!

Full length official Daredevil trailer sets the stage for April 10th launch

If the initial 1 minute teaser trailer for the upcoming Daredevil Netflix series was enough to whet your appetite, this latest full trailer will feel like a nice, long drink…

…but still not a full glass.  That glass won’t be full until I finish watching episode 13 somewhere in the second week of April.

The official Daredevil trailer was launched today through the Daredevil Twitter account, and it’s just as powerful and aggressive as the teaser. Featuring a lot more Wilson Fisk (but still no trademark red uniform, dangit!) this is a gritty, “in the streets” version of everyone’s favorite blind superhero.

April 10th. Can’t wait.

Trailer posted for upcoming episodes of The Flash

Tuesday nights have felt a little empty over the past few weeks with no Barry Allen and crew, but that looks to change next week. The Flash, Atom, Firestorm, and other great DC heroes are poised to make their big return to prime time TV, and it looks like some villains are waiting for them.

This promo video emerged last night and features a glimpse of the Trickster (featuring Mark Hamil in a return to the role from the 90’s Flash TV series) and other enemies of the Scarlett Speedster.

Check out the embedded trailer below.

Powers streaming TV show is now live on PSN Network

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominates most of the super hero cinema and TV discussion, Brian Michael Bendis has been working alongside Sony developing a streaming television series based on his Powers comic book, which started as an independent publication nearly 15 years ago, but eventually moved onto Marvel as a part of its Icon imprint.

Powers features a pair of police detectives who investigate crimes and incidents related to super powered individuals.

The series has launched on Playstation Network this morning, and the first three episodes are now live. The series does deal with some adult themes and mature content, but looks really entertaining from what little bit we’ve seen so far.

Check out the trailer below, and if you have PSN, fire it up and let me know how it is!  Beware, the trailer is somewhat NSFW.

Masters of the Universe 200x Subscription Service – Who are these guys anyway?

At least that was my reaction when I first saw the images, but I will fully admit, I’m far from a die hard Masters of the Universe fan.

Look, I watched and loved the MYP 200x animated series like many of you did when it aired, but damn, that was over 10 years ago, and much of it had faded from my memory. When I heard Mattel was dipping into the 200x well to do a mini-sub, I was pretty excited. I had loved many of the updated designs from that era, and when Mattel did use them for inspiration in the regular sub, they did so pretty well.

When the full list was revealed at Toy Fair along with a few product images I was… I don’t want to say “underwhelmed”, but mostly indifferent. I didn’t really know these people. But, I loved how they looked and in spite of not knowing who the heck any of them really were (or not remembering, anyway) I signed up for the Sub and decided I’d better do my research.  Click the Continue Reading link below and check it out.

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