Netflix Daredevil series writing team revealed…with a familiar face — Christos Gage!

Among all of my favorite fictional universes, there are three of them that stand out above the others, and as of now a single person will have influenced all three.

The Writers Guild Foundation announced an upcoming panel for their Staffwriter to Showrunner 2015 event, and in doing so, revealed some names for writers of the upcoming Netflix Daredevil streaming series.

After we’ve binge-watched DAREDEVIL a week before, we will sit down with the DAREDEVIL writers’ room for a panel discussion on The Man Without Fear, the development of the first season, and how the writers’ room was assembled!


  • Steven S. DeKnight – DAREDEVIL, SPARTACUS
  • Luke Kalteux – DAREDEVIL

One name in particular stands out to me, and that name is Christos Gage.

Fans of G.I. Joe should remember Gage well for comprising the other half of the writing team (with Mike Costa) who developed the original Cobra series for IDW Publications.  Costa eventually took over full control of the title as Gage moved on to other things, but there’s no doubt that Gage’s influence resonated throughout the rest of that spectacular series.

Knowing his work fairly well, I’m extremely excited to see Mr. Gage involved in writing the Daredevil series, and I’m sure that means fantastic things for it.  He’s neck deep in the comic world, so he knows his stuff and knows the character really well.  The series promises to be dark and serious in tone, and Cobra proved without a doubt that Gage is comfortable playing in that sandbox.

So not only did he write G.I. Joe, and is writing Daredevil, but he also writes Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and is a diehard New England Patriots Fan.  I’m pretty sure he’s my soul mate.

Thanks to Christos Gage’s Twitter account for the info.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Supercut trailer

We’ve seen three full trailers released for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and because Internet, some enterprising soul took all three trailers and smashed them all together, then attempted to arrange them in some sort of chronological order.  Of course none of us has any idea if this truly is the right chronological order, but hey, five full minutes of Age of Ultron, gooooo!

Props to for digging this out.

Recap of the Transformers/G.I. Joe double feature Sunbow-Con

Over the weekend, an exciting opportunity for fans in the LA area emerged when it was announced that the Egyptian, a theater in Los Angeles, was going to be showing G.I. Joe: The Move and Transformers: The Movie as an animated double feature.  Along with the films themselves, many of the creative team would be in attendance as well, featuring voice actors, writers, and directors.

Several folks from the online community were in attendance including Diana from the G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook, who was spreading the Duke love and handing out JoeDeclassified postcards to passer by’s.  Comic expert and veteran Josh was there as well.  From all reports, it was a fantastic time, with this being only the second time in history that G.I. Joe: The Movie was seen in a theater.  It was a unique opportunity to see these two films surrounded by the folks responsible for them, and also share some G.I. Joe and Transformers love with fellow fans.

Diana has posted several images and a video from the event, so please check out some of those below.  Over on Facebook, Sunbow writer Flint Dille is also calling upon folks to push for a sequel to this event, so throw some support his way, too.  Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Sneak Preview of next week’s Agents of SHIELD featuring the return of Sif!

One of my favorite episodes of Agents of SHIELD last season was Jaimie Alexander reprising her role from the Thor films as one of the Warriors Three, Lady Sif.

Apparently she was a hit with others as well, because they’re bringing her back next week.  Check out the sneak preview of next week’s episode below.