Transformers Combiner Wars Wave 2 Deluxe Bio cards

While the Combiner Wars figures have effectively pulled me back into Transformers, I was a bit disappointed by the bio’s (tech specs) in Wave 1. Well, to be more specific, the almost complete lack of them. I’m one of those fans who wants some story to go along with my toys, and doesn’t just want them floating in an ocean of my imagination. It’s what drove me to G.I. Joe back in the day, and what continues to interest me.

So, when the Facebook page posted images of the bio’s for the second wave of Combiner Wars, I was thrilled. Not only were these much more well developed than the first wave, but they’re also written completely in character and in unverse from the IDW series. The Autobots bio’s are written by Rung, with the Decepticons being written by Soundwave. Very cool touch.

Check out the bio’s below.

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