GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3.0 Muskrat & Cobra Slice

The Figure Subscription Service has been pounding full steam ahead, and I’ve been working to get caught up on those reviews.

Today, check out the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page for my reviews of FSS 3.0 Muskrat and Slice!  Hope to get Vypra and Spearhead up shortly!


3 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3.0 Muskrat & Cobra Slice

  1. AW BABY, there’s my Slice! I’ma have to find someone to snag that from. I need Slice, at the very least. One of my top favorite ninjas from Ninja Force.

  2. Great reviews and pics as usual. With Slice, I now want FSS Dice, but I can’t imagine getting him for a price that’s nice. :-)

    And you’re right about Muskrat – Such a good figure. Of the six so far, I’m surprised to say that Psyche-Out is my fave, with Muskrat a very close second. The only one I’m disappointed with is Spearhead, for a variety of reasons. Too many reasons. I look forward to reading your review on him.

    This is what baffles me about the con set this year – I thought FSS 3.0 showed the Club on an upswing design and choice-wise. Hell, Arctic Mindbender looks to be a solid win in my book. I just – I don’t know. It’s not important, but it makes me wonder, is all.

    All that to say, keep up the great reviews. Having them around is like having a virtual collection with me wherever there is internet.

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