Bang! Metalhead joins the G.I. Joe Con Iron Grenadiers

I’m pretty sure this is the figure most folks have been waiting for, and it’s a good one!

With the 2012 G.I. Joe Con Iron Grenadier team, the Collectors Club took care of Voltar and Darklon, two important Iron Grenadier characters, but had left Metalhead on the shelf. With this year’s iteration, they resolve that in spades.

An awesome brand new Boss Fight sculpted head and an interesting build of recent parts, Metalhead looks like a neat evolution of the classic ’91 version. The highlight is definitely the fantastic looking head sculpt, and the slightly crazed rocket specialist will fill a nice hole in collections everywhere.

Check out the image below, and keep watching we’ve got one more reveal still to come!


6 thoughts on “Bang! Metalhead joins the G.I. Joe Con Iron Grenadiers

  1. The New Jersey Comic Con bash was, I’m sorry to say, better than the Club’s offering. That missile pack-system from Duke, which they are trying to cleverly disguise via photography, is really terrible, and that machine gun is awful.

    I’m sorry to nay-say at every turn. Yes, the head-sculpt is good. But man – I just feel like the club made this whole set with their hands tied behind their backs, which may be close to accurate, depending on Hasbro’s stance and cooperation, or lack thereof.

  2. Agree. Great head sculpt but the torso is too skinny and the best just doesn’t work.

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