JoeCustoms Custom Celebration – The GeneralsJoes Sigma 6 Project (Day 4)

So far in this JoeCustoms Custom Celebration project, I’ve covered five different figures from the Sigma 6 world.  Today, I go a bit darker and cover a couple of guys I see as being on the black ops side of the Sigma 6 universe.

Spirit I ended up quite happy with in some ways, but seeing a need for improvement in others.  I used the PoC head sculpt and the familiar PoC Beachhead (well… 50th Low Light again) torso.  I chose the bare arms from PoC Jungle Duke.  Speaking of the arms, I’m not especially happy with the tattoos, and am considering using waterslide decals.  I have no experience with them, though, and didn’t really want to get my feet wet with this particular project.

His legs, by the way, are Resolute Snake Eyes.


As one of my all-time favorites, I wanted to do Long Range right.  I used the Retaliation Flint head sculpt and PoC Beachhead torso, but went with Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes arms.  I considered using the trenchcoat from that same figure, but I much preferred the dramatic motion sweep of the Renegades version, so ultimately I chose that one.  I went with Renegades Duke legs, and one of my 50th Anniversary Low Light’s sniper rifle w/ case.  By the way, he does have a ponytail attached to the back of his head as well.

I found the biggest challenge with Spirit, Long Range, and Snake Eyes was that they all used variations of gray/blue and I wanted them each to look considerably different.  I think it was successful all told.

Join me tomorrow for the final two members of my custom Sigma 6 team!

5 thoughts on “JoeCustoms Custom Celebration – The GeneralsJoes Sigma 6 Project (Day 4)

  1. These look amazing! If the FSS released these I’d be powerless to resist and would have to subscribe! Great Spirit (and Lt. Stone sneaking around in the background!).

    Long Range just needs his cool, double barreled sawed off shotgun!

  2. Oh, hello there, Stone! What a nice arm you have!

    These are solid. Spirit, in particular,needs a solid update with arms that work. While I love this headsculpt, I’ve been disappointed that both uses of it have used those terrible, inflexible arms. For a dude whose primary weapon is so specific (That awesome dart launcher) I’m bummed he can’t hold it properly yet, sans either a kit-bash or an all-out custom redo. Your guys look great, and there is a marked improvement in your customs as you’ve shown them. Are you showing them chronologically with how you made them?

  3. Thanks, man! Yeah, these are pretty chronological. I will say Scarlett was one of the last ones I did, but beyond that, this is more or less how i developed them over a period of about a month.

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