G.I. Joe Convention Tiger Force Lifeline first image revealed

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has been pretty effective thus
far of keeping us guessing as to how these figures were going
to look. Dial Tone’s combined deco work, the 2009 Undertow
repaint, the unreleased Recondo deco, and the female Undertow
officer were all interesting curve balls in the convention
set reveals.

Lifeline pretty much follows status quo.

Using the tooling from the excellent 30th Anniversary
Lifeline, the Collectors Club gives him a very traditional
Tiger Force deco update and loads him up with his familiar
accessories. It isn’t an outside the box choice, but with such a great base figure, it’s tough to complain.

Check out GIJoeCon.com for the latest, and the image is also mirrored below.


One thought on “G.I. Joe Convention Tiger Force Lifeline first image revealed

  1. I actually really like this one. The 30th Lifeline was pretty hard to find and the colors also kind of remind me of Doc.

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