What’s on Joe Mind Episode 99

Honestly, I was feeling okay, I was just tired. My favorite  team had just won the Super Bowl two nights before, but work was hectic and I hadn’t slept a whole lot in a few days, and felt like I really needed to get some rest. So when Gary and Mike offered to have Gary Head sit in for me…well, I agreed pretty quick.

This had happened a few times before. I was grateful that someone like Gary was willing to jump in at the last minute, especially because he’d asked me to be on the JDSO podcast a number of times, and I’d always found some lame excuse why I couldn’t. But the flip side of Gary filling in for me was that we rarely got a chance to record together. That seems especially hard hitting and unfortunate today.

I give Godsoe a lot of credit for sitting through this episode in editing and preparation, I’m sure I couldn’t have done it…I wouldn’t have been strong enough to listen to Goggles’ voice for three hours while deciding where to cut or adjust sound controls. It must have been difficult.

As we lead up to Episode 100, it seems appropriate that the penultimate marathon that brought us here features Gary “Goggles” Head in his last speaking role, and its a testament to his place in the G.I. Joe fandom that he got one last opportunity to voice his opinions before falling forever silent. Meanwhile, I struggle with the fact that I missed being with him on this night, I’m sure it would have been a memorable one.

You can listen to Episode 99 of What’s on Joe Mind, one that’s sure to live on for a long time, over on our Podbean page, or embedded below.

As always, the show notes are after the break.

Rest in Peace, Gary… as painful as it was, it felt good to hear your voice one last time.


As a staff, we had been planning Episode 99 for a while. We already recorded a very interesting interview with former Lanard and Mattel Designer, and huge Joe fan, Hawk Sanders that we knew everyone would love. It seemed like every time we needed the co-hosts to get together on this, something was always preventing the recording from happening. Whether it was Gary or Justin missing because of work, or it was Mike taking a longer than needed nap, the stars never did quite align when we wanted them to. We recorded the bulk of this show on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015. Justin could not join because of work and a lousy Super Bowl victory hangover. So we went to the WOJM sub pool to find someone who could step in. We could think of no other than JoeDeclassified’s Gary “Goggles” Head to fill the role. Gary was more than accepting to join, even crafting time away from his family on Tuesday night to record with us into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. It is a GREAT episode. We had good news, we talked about the convention set, we had good letters which sparked great discussion and Gary filled us in with what we would see at the Declass booth in Springfield. We ended this episode with great laughs and hearty good byes knowing that we’d be seeing each other and talking to each other soon. Sadly, on the afternoon of February 7th, we lost Gary to what has been described as a heart condition. Needless to say, as we all considered Gary, not only a friend of the program, but as personal friends too, we were shocked. Words are tough to come by to describe our sadness and remorse. This episode is dedicated to Gary’s memory. His loss cannot be measured. He was one-of-a-kind. He will be missed. Thank you Gary for ALL you did for the GI Joe Community and WOJM.

Hawk Sanders

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  1. Oh man… it seems so strange to be hearing from him again. I’m not sure how much I can enjoy this episode. You know, I never spoke to him in person… I’m not even sure if I ever had an actual online discussion with him… I don’t have that many. But I have felt his loss very deeply, because he has simply been such a commanding presence in the community for so long. Also, there have been so many wonderful stories about him (related both before and after his passing), that it really makes you feel like you knew him and what he was about. All right… I will give it a go… but I can’t promise I won’t get a bit weepy.

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